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APRACING's Caliper CP 3369 Repair kit is Piston seal Quantity : It will be 1 Set for 1 Caliper. There is no Small Zero O-ring when dividing Caliper. I wonder if I changed it for 10 years ...
Naturally there is no drag after replacement and the firm feeling when pushing in Piston is all the same. Because Piston returns well, Lever's Stroke feeling and Touch are better as well.

Also used for Front of SEROW 250
Because it was pretty good, next time Rear!

For OFF applications Semi Metal
I think so..

Overwhelming braking power - - - There is no such thing
It is about OEM + α, but the initial movement is
It works for Quick, so it feels secure.

I am impressed, APRACING! It is nice !!

But, impression of feeling can be patched!
It is SEROW 250 FI "sold out" If you try to use it as a contest
<Semi Metal Pad in for Front!>

It is difficult to find a difference in color and shape in OEM (The printing also disappears)
So, as you can see, we do not insist at all after installation (Lol)

Well, although it is the main impulse, the braking force does not change greatly.
However, there is an impression that the initial movement is called Quick, or the effect becomes better
<This is probably due to taste> For me
Because I wanted to get rid of dissatisfaction in effect, I am thinking of good ones.

Me, Recently 2 people Touring with 1200 CCMachine recently
Because the person stops in the habit of flying, the part that seems to hit
I aimed to eliminate even a bit. So why to METAL
Because I did not want to change Fee Ring
Instead of working with Gun, it works quietly and seeks peace of mind
I bought it, it seems APRACING, but to our old generation
"Lockheed" It depends on this which reminds me of the word It was the correct answer!

Although the story will change, the signed MOTARD rider will also be on the WR-X that was on the past
I told you to recommend only the AP Front. Haha. (Bush)

Replacement Disc Rotor (GSXR 1100 → SUNSTARNEO CLASSICDisc Lock) I bought this Pad, but there is a problem.
If you use it as it is, the lower side of Pad hits the floating pin of disc, so you have to cut about the image.
The other side is almost same as the outside of the Outer Rotor and it does not matter, but it can not be scraped off by Thunder or Grinder, so it seems impossible for the general public.
The key advantage is whether it is compatible with Sun Star disc,
It really works.
In Breaking, from the early stage, I heard a tune and sound
It is a feeling that works with a gut.
Large satisfaction in performance, but interference with Floating pin is regrettable.

Wet road & rainy weather is almost not in use!

6 years in basic no maintenance, about 20,000 Km used without problems
From around 25,000, Judder came out.

There is no Dust Seal, but Piston's dirt
It was a feeling I did not mind..

Bias tire, there is no shortage of braking force.

Brake's Fee Ring, I am satisfied with Large!

Because Judder came out, Overhaul
There is no anxiety at the exclusive item, but the Gold amount is not cheap!

ChocolateChocolate It is not a necessary part, but because the amount of gold is high
☆ 3 pieces!

It is the old large-sized motorcycle of 20 years ago and heavy and I'm using in the combination of the casting caliper of this and Brembo, and the brake pad (platinum) of FERODO, and the good braking system which is very easy to control was made. The margin of a brake is a margin of the heart. Although it is fact that it is expensive, it may be a reasonable price if I think that it is for safe.

The diameter of a master thinks that the thing which is variable is a characteristic of this master.
Although it has seemingly talked with the person of AP racing and will use for rectifying that this variable equipment has changed the touch in the race, when rain something has fallen, there will also begin to be lowering a path and making effectiveness of a brake into a mild on a public road.
Although a problem will not have rain well, either, if its touch is used --
Although there was satisfaction of a price, it was five-star when texture avoided to a slight degree.