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APE menyediakan tuning parts untuk mesin high performance. APE selalu berusaha meningkatkan kualitas produk mereka dan mengembangkan racing part berkualitas tinggi. APE juga berpartisipasi dalam beberapa balap motor, terutama di Amerika Serikat.

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We installed in 17 year model R6. The attachment part of the Bar End of R6 was adhered with Rubber, so it was Large strange to remove. Drill was used in Impact to drill and remove it. The instruction manual explained how to deal with the installation part of Bar End with a photo, so it was kind.
The image and structure of the installation part of the Lever Guard are different Spec. It might have been a change.
There was no GILLES TOOLING Sticker yet. Although it may be only merely not included in myself, it is troublesome as to inquiries....

I changed to Filler cap of Gills to change my mood.
Since four kinds of Ring comes, I will strike my favorite Color with Plastic hammer and mount it (So ??you can not exchange Color).
Like ordinary Oil Filler Cap, install O-ring in the cap side's mouth.
The tool uses 10 mm hexWrench.
The appearance is pretty good, but the price is slightly higher Neck.

This GillesTooling's VarioBar raises the installation position of the bar with Option Option ExtensionKit (60 / 70 / 80 / 100), so I bought this kit together with 80 mm.
It is about 50 mm down from OEM's Pipe Handlebar and narrowing down is about 10 degrees, but because the position is raised with Extension, the full width has become wide by about 20 mm at One Side.
Since it may not go through the vehicle inspection if it keeps like this it may be bad if you bar the bar itself or shorten Bar End.
Since Throttle and Lever are all exchanged for Other Company Product, they are not in the OEM state, but the Inner cowl has cut to the extent that Lever does not interfere.
Handlebar Lock also adjusts hang angle at the Limit angle taken in OEM state.
The diaphragm angle is the extent that Clank is widened outwards to the greatest Large and Finally Tank and Handlebar do not interfere.
This is one step closer to STREETFIGHTER!

You can easily adjust the tension of Chain
I am told that it is less expensive with less rattling.
However, it is just an appearance impression.

However, even if you remove Shaft, it will not come off
Tire exchange etc. When detaching foil with
It may be useful role..
I wonder if I did not have to color it here (sweat)

I purchased it completely for the purpose of only Dress-up.
It stands out better than NORMAL.
In that sense it fulfills the purpose of purchase - - - -

After mounting, think calmly and see Axle Shaft
Since Bolt is still the original, with color Kirari well with,
Perhaps it was better to keep it Black or Silver.
(Boltetc. Dirt and scratches are conspicuous)

Scales attached Seal (?) Also for my installation
I guess there is a problem, but it was not very useful.

Also, my last color purchased was Blue.
Personally I expected Blue like Impreza
However, the actual product color was quite thin.

Those who are considering buying Blue please pay attention to neighborhood
Please give me.

Axle Shaft exchange Purchase with Dress-up.
It seemed that the insertion direction of Axle Shaft was reversed, but is there some influence?
It is good and bad Dress-up goods w

Installed Vario bars.
The hanging angle was 13 degrees for NSR250R(MC28),
so I changed it to 8 degrees to get more comfortable.
I could change the position I like and install without interference since the handle stopper was used from the beginning.

What I think good about this items is
the instruction manual is kind enough,
the grease to avoid the bolt-jam is attached,
and it is serrated to keep the hanging angle
just in case the bolt for angle adjustment is loosen during riding!
In the case of continuous adjustment feature, if the bolt is loosen, the hanging angle changes, so I strongly recommend this point as a virtue.
To install the handle bar, use 1 bolt screwing into from the end of bar towards clamp portion.
The end of bar is tapered
so there is no rickety.

It is possible to make it up-handled with extension part,
so I recommend it for people who wants to remove the cowl and enjoy Street Fighter style.

YO~ (with the addition where--笙ェ swing arm looks for a long time -- soon -- pure adoption -- I think that it should be carried out.) which is this convenience