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Portable washer "Aqua Cargo" dapat digunakan di tempat-tempat yang tidak ada persediaan air. Anda bisa menggunakan portable washer "Aqua Cargo" dengan mudah ketika mendapat daya listrik dari stopkontak otomotif.

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Ulasan Produk AQUA CARGO

It is a Type which operates with the Cigar-lighter power source of a car. Although there is no strength [ like an Engine car wash or a coin car wash ] the strong
hydraulic pressure is, if it washes using a Brush together, it will become beautiful perfectly.
Truly, although it is severe in after a Muddy, if it is a Dry condition, they are goods which can be used enough. it is true that a car can be washed at
Race place -- it is kind

Since it is 12V drive, a hydraulic pressure is low, but the neighborhood is as imagination. With the
hydraulic pressure, although it is unsuitable for dropping [ becoming dirty ], I think that it is found useful in case of the feeling like an Items addition new to a Bucket car wash. It uses also for
us and the car wash of four flowers in the coin car wash. Although the
> supply opening has a Packing in a lid, it will ooze, if it leans.
Since it is a problem that it damages in total not much strongly, is this neighborhood patience?
It is a question for a while about whether the supply opening merely needed to be made slanting. Although use of eyes was once [
> ] satisfactory, it leaks by the second use. The lipped bowl of the
Hose cannot bear a hydraulic pressure, but came to separate immediately. If a power source is switched on after pulling a Trigger beforehand [
] and always changing into a tail water state, use is possible somehow. Since it was used after passing for a while from
purchase, it has passed also during the initial failure.
If a margin comes out since it is unavoidable, I will think that I will add a Hose to holdings.

and a hydraulic pressure are low as advice to the direction to be purchased from now on. Since
and water may become less insufficient, the Recommendation of preparing spare water is carried out. Let's use it a little early several times so that it can respond to
and initial failure.

When carrying out by purchasing and putting on a Transporter on the next day, it was leaking from the Tank lower part gradually. When the car wash was tried on the remaining water, it was a Level which can be satisfied if it is the car wash of lighter dirt.
Although I thought that he was merely initial failure, even if I had the thing which became a Trouble from the beginning fixed, the question was felt for durability and the goods were returned to it.