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Araki F Machine

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탑브릿지 거차대 세팅할려고 찾아보고 주문하였는데 퀄리티 어마어마합니다! 순정 볼트와 1대1 교체여서 매우 견고합니다 싸고 좋은 제품도 있네요~~ 많이 많이 주문하세요 가와사키 화이팅! I'm going to set up the top bridge. I found it. Quality is enormous! It is very solid because it is a one-for-one replacement with genuine bolts. There are also cheap and good products ~~ Order a lot Fighting Kawasaki!

It is a bad finish that can not be done.
I understand well because there is experience of us Machine Tool Instructor
I'm cutting with a worn-out Tip with a milled product ...
Cutting trace of face mil is ugly.
I can not believe the Manufacturer posture that sells such items as new items.
I am planning to polish with Buffing

I bought to mount a smartphone but I like the same as the color of the Top Bridge and not noticeable. I use RAM Mount set for this Multi-mountBase but I do not feel any sign of it. It is recommended for Separate handle Motorcycle.
Material : Aluminum, but its hardness so it was no problem to fasten it with the same Torque as pure STD Nut.

Mini circuit (Cart course) Used for running KSR-2.
Until now I have used several Pipe Handlebars, but the fate of Mini bike? Handlebar was so cramped that the Riding Position did not fit nicely.
As a result of using this Handlebar, the grip position was deepened by one grip and it became much easier.
For Mini circuit, around Handlebar Lightetc. There is no security part, so it is doubtful whether it will be a reference for For Street, but the setting position of the Handlebar is highly flexible. Rear Sets (Step plate welding to Frame) I also like compatibility.
The picture is a diaphragm that cuts Handlebar to the full and does not pinch your fingers. Right handlebar clamp corresponds to Radiator cap when height is lower than Handlebar position from picture.
As overall impression, I am also solid, making it easier to run than any Handlebar I've used.
For the time being, I am determined by this Handlebar.
Extra information, but I also toppled over this day, but Handlebar did not bend.

The remains of
welding of form are beautiful with last thing... We cannot recommend you the one poorer at

explosive sound roaring.if even the

Carburetor setting comes out --
-- it changes to an invigorating Motorcycle.

It is that it is so good -- I should have bought it earlier. It was not imagined that the character of the
Motorcycle changed, either.
It is the degree No and 1 with a grin!

Although it is not a lawson, the silencer has been used variously.
Although it used this time, having purchased only the silencer, it engine-performance:looks:Sound: Makes and has become a slave to the Harada silencer by the wonderful engine performance and sound, and structure which have not been felt until now.
Although one month has not passed since silencer purchase, I also had the exhaust pipe & tailpipe made, and it was too surprised by the engine performance of full exhaust.
Structure is very polite and it could call it the muffler of the genuine article which is not only appearance.
I think that there is value that at least a silencer tries the direction which has dissatisfaction especially in low and medium speed.