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Originally, in order to install on XG 250 TRICKER, SEROW 250, WR 250 etc which are not competition vehicles, it is necessary to change the Switch box.
Brake lever direction can be popped.
Clutch lever also goes on as it is,
Due to the shape of Lever, there is too much width in the OEM's Switch box, it will interfere when grasping and Clutch can not be cut off.

Replace with a Slim Switch box and adjust the position of Clamp, the Large is durable.

The OEM coupler of the XG 250 TRICKER Switch box is below.
? Sumitomo Electric's 090 type HMSeries 8 pole FConnector only (No terminal) / 8P090-SMHM-F-tr
? 090 Sumitomo HM / MTSeries Non Waterproof Female terminal / F090

* Coupler does not seem to be at SEROW 250 and XG 250 TRICKER.

Full size XG250 TRICKER wearing for running forest road.
Hand guard (Lever Guard) I did not wear it, so Lever was bent or broken when I fell down.
From now on I can run with confidence than before.

Although you can pump Brake Side as it is, you can not wear Lever Boots of YAMAHAOEM.
As long as you run On road, you feel uncomfortable in the operation.
I am looking forward to going to the forest road.

The Lever adjustment is not good yet, but I feel a grasping feeling.
I will buy it with this Manufacturer from next time as well.
There is nothing to really break even if you fall

I installed it with WR 250 R. Translation (Please also enter here Instruction Manual also with Kitin, naturally with Bolt-on attached.
Blinker will be a Type to return manually - - -
Best of all, Courseetc. Abominable to activate arbitrarily when running in (Lol) I am happy that Hazard disappears..
The texture is not OEM tick so much cheap, it becomes a compact, so it will be a little lighter.

If you do not want to cook and cook Hazard during Race (Lol) Please put it..

Although it is a bit expensive, it never really breaks or is too soft.
Sp Ring Type's hard to break Lever has also appeared, but I thought that I knew that it was better to see the acquaintance broken from the root Parts before.
Design also Black, arc's Logo feeling overseas personally likes.

Although it bends over a lot of times, it is easy to revert as soon as possible.
When buying more I think that it was better to look closely at quotient ProductNo and compliance. My mind is different from age I only use fittings but I am using it as it is.
For your information.

Although green Wright of the exception was used before, this one is liking individually. Since the Lord of light becomes white, green colors finely more!! It is fairly bright moreover! Now, runs are also relief and ♪ which becomes pleasant at night.

It went out exactly in one year and one month.
Although it is written as 30% of durability up, after attaching almost in every day by commuting daytime also in my case.
He has bought the same green, although the pink was also considered next.
Although a color is not known in case of a photograph, green has started just for a moment and it is cool.

Since it was worrisome from before, it purchased.
Although it wavered with the pink, since it seemed that it was brighter in the green, it carried out here.
Although brightness is enough, mind that whites are bright is also carried out.
However, mellow green is good touch as others are advertizing them somehow. [ different ]