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Exhaust pipe is Stainless, is it truly Stainless?
Only a part of Exhaust pipe is chipped, rust is generated from it.
Well, regularly using Stain magic should be beautiful, but I am dissatisfied with quality.
Is not it applying the plating process for preventing iron rust?.
If so, malignant.

However, since Baffle is on, the sound is pretty quiet, Response is outstanding.

I tried running.
Running with Standard baffle.
It feels like a feeling like RC Koshien, but the AXIS Lapo responds faster as Torque, Power comes out as well.

Replacement from RC Koshien.

It's expensive, is it a price.
If domestically produced Manufacturer can buy as much as 100,000, 130 thousand. However, I think that it would be enough if I think that we will pay the difference of ownership and the domestic product.
I am thinking so..

Translation (Instructions for entering here are attached, but it is not kindness like domestic Manufacturer. Since it is a manual for those who have exchanged the Exhaust System, I think that it is safe for those who are beginners to completely change Motorcycle's messing up to PRO.

In Silencer's making, back pressure is applied in the Front part of Silencer Body, and the rear part has a straight structure therefrom.
SilencerBody is also heavy, the body's Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I think whether the weight Balance is considered..

Each junction, kitchen fit.
Seal of AXIS Lapo of Silencer Department was already pasted.
Bolt of the Exhaust pipe and the Silencer joining part was Bolt which the head had a star shape and special tool was required. At the beginning you can be relaxed by the power of your fingers.
Gasket, tool to remove Exhaust ChamberStopper (T type and one with tip Hook) , Baffle tool to remove is also not included.
Baking prevention Grease was attached.

The shape of Baffle is of the type where the pipe is welded, but Standard and Included Parts : I do not know the difference between.
As the tube part looks like it looks like a Taper, I think that the performance has changed ~, but I do not know about it.
Included Parts : It is good because the welding traces of it are invisible, but it is dirty.

Removal of Baffle can be done from the bottom of the Carbon end cap, but already attached Bolt was tough, and sprayed with lubricant, we managed to combine the hexagonal Wrench with other tools and managed to do it.

volume - - I think that Standard baffle is enough volume. Included Parts : I think Baffle is getting a little Large, but it sounds like the same volume. With no Baffle it is noisy with funkiness.

Finally, what to say Cool ♪
Ownership is preeminent!

RACINGKing180iMotoCam+ABS (2016) Attached to! No Data at all
180 FI
I ordered with Exhaust System. As a result of checking variously on my own, the position of Bolt is attached
Large Check it is durable and purchase. However, one Exhaust pipe interfered with the lower Frame
I shaved a frame of 2 mm. It may be only my own Motorcycle, but Frame's
Ella got out so it hit me. There is no problem after that.
Sound - Exhaust efficiency Iketemasyo !!