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Head is Small, I used XS of Tour cross 2 and I was worried about AsianFit or EUROFit so purchase EUROFit after e-mail consultation with Webike Staff. Large It was correct. I did not fail on my first Goggles. Breathability is exceptionally good so it's foggy..

Since the color of Helmet you use is sober, I purchased it to make Goggles gorgeous according to Jersey and Motorcycle.

this "Claw" Is an Option Parts for Ariete's Goggles RidingClaws. So-called "Outrigger" It is removable part called, you can change cloth of your favorite color and change clothes.

"Paint" Because the surface is painted with paint, it is characterized by glossy and flashy color.
Since it is a paint, if you hit it or bend Claw so loudly, it is a weak point that the paint cracks and peels off periperi. My Claw was also peeling off while using it. I used a lot and I wash it in the washing machine every time so I guess it was useless.

"Solid" There is also a Type called, but that is the color of the colored Material itself. There is no worry that the paint peels off, but it looks like a matte color.

Outrigger has "easy to remove" direction, especially when removing the upper side. I think that it will be helpful if you take a look at the pictures.

If it is HUSQVARNA Blue × White × Yellow color, if KTM Orange × White, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It is fun to change colors and change the Goggles and play with it!

【ClawSingle Item】
https : / / goo. gl / KyW36x

【Impression of RidingClaws Basic】
https : / / imp. webike. net / article / 359670 /

Kit specialized for Ariete Goggles, Lens and Roll-off became Set.
By pulling the cord, we take up dirty Film, and at the same time we will replace it with a new Film.

I ran Muddy's Race quite terrible, but Ariete's roll-off protected vision and eyes to the end. I think that I could not run to the end because of pain in my eyes, not Largeness, but without this. Thanks gratitude ♪

"Roll-off" , Quantity : 1pc. Unlike the Tear-off Film which peels off and discards each time, winds up a 1 pc long Film and secures visibility. If you did not use it much while driving, you can cut the dirty Film with Scissors and use beautiful Film again.

In recent years Enduro and G650 XCOUNTRY, we have to prohibit Tear off which puts out Garbage to Course, so we will inevitably use Roll-off.

this "Complete kit" Because Lens is set, if you have even Goggles of Ariete you can install it in the same way as Lens exchange. In the purchase state, Mud Flap is not affixed or Roll-off film is not set.
Recommendation to prepare in advance to remember how to avoid in order not to panic just before driving.

To Ariete's Roll-off "Standard" When "Big" There are two kinds, the width of Roll-off film is slightly different. "Standard compLeadKit" Lens, "With Pin" It is the same as Lens. People who have Pin with Lens and who wish to add Roll-off to that Lens, "ROLL-OFF Standard kit" You can install it if you purchase.
"BIZ" , Because the convex dimensions when attaching to Lens are different, it can not be installed in addition to BIZ exclusive Lens.

"Standard" But I do not feel dissatisfied with vision, I think that standard with higher universality seems more user-friendly.

【ROLL-OFF Standard kit】
https : / / www. webike. net / sd / 21354266 /

【For OEM Roll-off film】
https : / / www. webike. net / sd / 21354269 /

Standard Equipment for Double Lens is RidingClaw's "Enduro" is.
* Riding Claws "Basic" , Single Lens.
* There is no Pin for Tear off in Double Lens which is Standard Equipment in Enduro.

Although Single Lens is also hard to cloud Ariete Goggles, Double Lens has further enhanced its Anti-Fog performance.

Thin Sponge whose sides are like adhesive Tape, the two Lens are stuck together.
At the top of Lens, there is a hole called Ventilation, which enhances breathability.

With Enduro or G650 XCOUNTRY, it did not become cloudy even if I was addicted to some traffic jam.
However, in the mid-summer when I was sweating the amount of Large, it fogged when I stopped for a long time.
I think that it will be no matter what Double Lens will be.
As long as you run, it will eliminate cloudiness, so it is safe to dismiss Goggles once in the midsummer traffic jam.

Clear view, but because I see the scenery over 2 Lens, there may be some discomfort in the scenery compared with Single Lens.

Since Ariete's Lens is compatible, it is also possible to use it as a single Lens usually, Double Lens when anxious and Roll-off when raining.

The only disadvantage I felt is that you can not wash Lens freely like Single Lens.
When wetting Sponge which is sandwiched in the gap of Lens with jabjub, jiwari and water will get in between Lens. If this happens, you can not wipe it off unless Lens is removed from Sponge. At that time, I let it dry and let it go without saying.

So I often love Single Lens now.

【Single Lens (Basic) Imp】
https : / / imp. webike. net / article / 359670 /

Double LensSingle Item
https : / / goo. gl / yR52Nq

Roll-off related
https : / / goo. gl / TD8UNz

Tear-off Film related
https : / / goo. gl / s4DUid

It is this Ariete's Goggles that I want Goggles that is not cloudy.
I use it with Enduro or G650 XCOUNTRY, but it can also be used for Motocross with Tear-off Film support.

【About Cloudy Lens】
Lens for Ariete's Off-road goggles also has a Double Lens Lineup, but this "Basic" Single Lens is Standard Equipment.
At first I tried Double Lens, but usually it is not cloudy at Single Lens.
I feel that Double Lens uses care when washing and transparency is inevitably lower than Single Lens. So now I only use Single Lens.
"Cloudy" It is reliable enough to forget the phenomenon called.

Situation that is only cloudy at this Goggles, for example, when you are sweating the amount of Large, such as heavy traffic at Enduro in summer & when it is stopped for a long time. If you run, cloudiness will be resolved.

As a tricky thing, removing Pin to hook the Tear - off Film leaves a hole in the Lens. When you absolutely fight for traffic jams, such as Summer's HardEnduro, this can increase the anti-fogging effect.
However, in the situation where the dust is dancing, dust will enter Goggles from the hole, so we will not recommend it. At own risk.

Double Lens
https : / / goo. gl / yR52Nq

Tear-off Film related
https : / / goo. gl / s4DUid

【About Fit】
"AsianFit" So, it has a Sponge shape that fits the Japanese face (Also supports glasses).
Helmet uses SHOEI VFXW, but compatibility is not a problem.

Can be converted to Ariete's Roll-off Lens.
With Enduro and G650 XCOUNTRY, Tear-off Film (Quantity : 1pc. It is almost impossible to use the Film that lets you throw it away (Regulation on).

Roll-off related
https : / / goo. gl / TD8UNz

【Caring etc】
Lens can easily be removed and can be washed.
Goggles that removed Lens can be washed in washing machine with washing machine. I always wash in the washing machine except when the mud dirt is bad.

When Lens hits a branch from a runner or a wooden branch at Woods, it gets scratched indeed. If scratches are getting worse, only Lens can be purchased. Recently I am glad that the price of Lens Single Product fell to Large width.

Belt and "Claw" You can also remove decorative Parts called so, you can wash and remove it when the dirt is severe.

【Change clothes and play】
Goggles of Ariete, Lens, Belt, Claw are all in common.
I think it's fun to change Belt or Claw's color according to Motorcycle or Jersey or try changing the color of Lens.

https : / / www. webike. net / sd / 22638155 /

https : / / goo. gl / m7HNzw

When stopping Motorcycle to Garage, since I was using Small Size so far, I was adjusting with my feet. Even if I stopped suitably enough to buy a deca this time I purchased Large durable. This is buy.

"Camping touring, off-road race venues, etc. Wondering if Side Stand will fall to the ground and fall - - - "

"I do not want to scratch the Side Stand on the bicycle parking lot or car carrier - - - "

In such a case, it is a product that spreads under the STAND and prevents them.

I have used it for over 2 years, but it has not been deformed or broken.
It is a conspicuous red color, so I like the place that is hard to lose (Lol)

Material : Lightly in Plastic, Compact with palm Size.
If you put one under Tank Bag or Seat, I think it is convenient when it is called Isa!

【What made you decide the purchase?】
Because I newly added Helmet to SHOEI's VFXW, I wanted to renew Goggles and chose Ariete's Goggles.
Glasses correspondence was a necessary condition.

【How was it actually used?】
Fitting with VFXW which was most concerned was no problem. (photo1)
Because it is not a graphic model, Belt's design is emphasized and looks like SMART (Photo 2)
To be honest, I like it quite a lot..

Originally used "SWANS MX 797" I tried to take a picture of it side by side so please refer. (Photo 3)
Black and White parts are separate Parts, Black Parts Belt and White Parts are integrated with Lens and Sponge.

As a feature, there are three Large.
1. Ariete has a strong roundness of Frame and Lens, and Frame itself becomes flexible.
2. Sponge of the portion hitting the skin is very fine
→ Assuming SWANS is soft like bread, Ariete has softness like STELLA.
3. Lens's vertical width is narrower than SWANS. (It is narrower than other Goggles)

【Fit feeling and height when wearing - Please tell me your weight etc】
It is used in conjunction with Glasses, but it is an outstanding comfort.
Since Frame spreads and it grips Glasses by being touched, Goggles itself holds Glasses. (Photo 4)
Also, since the longitudinal width of Lens is narrower than SWANS, there is little sense of oppression on the cheeks, and the shape of the Frame at the nose is wide so there is less pressure on the nose.
So, moving the cheek moves Goggles, Glasses touching Goggles moves, vicious circle of rubbing temple does not occur.

Sponge of the portion hitting the skin is fine, but Sponge in the lower layer sucks sweat so it dries quickly.

As for Ventilation, not just a lot of wind comes in but it is comfortable because the rectified wind comes in.
The amount of wind taken by MX797 is large, but when used for long distance traveling in Touring, the wind was too much and my eyes were always dry.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
I was checking in advance that Belt's print is Print
As Belt itself grows, you can see the roughness of the Print when you look closely.
SWANS Belt is common to MODEL, but since it is a total embroidery finish, there is no such roughness.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
I immediately ordered Mirror Lens, but I feel that Mirror Lens and Goggles Body are about the same amount as un Balance.
I also want Mirror Lens Lineup with Ventilation function enhanced.
But the quality of Goggles Body is high, it is possible to say COSPA ☆ 5.

【Have you compared items?】
1. DRAGON Dragon : NFXS Goggles
https : / / www. webike. net / sd / 22599939 /
→ Rejected because it seems that it can not be used with Glasses

SCOTT Scott : 17 Model SPLIT OTG Glasses Corresponding Goggles
https : / / www. webike. net / sd / 22987082 /
→ Mirror Lens Lineup is missing and rejected

Because I liked it too, as soon as I arrived I will be with Quantity : 1 Set I ordered ...
Large I think that you could meet a strange good product. it's recommended.