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【What made you decide the purchase?】 Plug cap and high ten code deteriorated, CDI soon used for 30 years to purchase for ignition prevention to replace one type of ignition.
【How was it actually used?】 In terms of performance, startability and Torque will considerably increase.
Initial start earlier than starting. If you do not raise the rotation after the first time to some extent it will be stalled. Immediately after the engine start, the engine speed is low, so the voltage is insufficient and you think the engine will stall Idling slightly raised.
Torque is now able to start at Idling.
Advance angle ? Depending on the degree of Tuning, such as inspiration and exhaustion, NARMALSPECIAL Knife was the best when it was Powerful 500 Crank Compression Ratio 9 Normal muffler, partial & Eco flea NORMAL NORMAL SPECIAL Knife SPECIAL Knife 1 SPECIAL Knife 2.
NORMAL has the same sensation as before SPECIAL Knife 1 gets out of the 100 km uphill but it does not stop Knocking but it wears a Plug. SPECIAL Knife 1 may be better if you calibrate the carburetor adjustment.
【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 Installation is knowledge ? I need technology.
Since the dimensions of the ignition coil are smaller than the OEM, Attachment is attached, but the position of the hole was slightly misaligned. Attachment is Material : Because it is Aluminum, it has processed a long hole and it corresponded.
Installation of Controller comes with Double-sided Tape, but there is no place to install with Double-sided Tape and Bracket is made and installed under Seat.
It was nice that Coil's Bracket was included although the hole position was not correct ? Wiring kind length was exactly right.
Tie Band for fixing is also attached, but I think that there are times when it is insufficient depending on how to install.
After checking in Net beforehand, it seemed like Wiring of Plug cap assembled by himself from Coil, but it was assembled and this was also good.
【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】 Read the Instruction Manual carefully ? Consider the installation location of the controller.
Installation included 6 hours including Bracket making.
【Fit feeling and height when wearing ? Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case) 】Any
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?] Mandatory There is only disappointment in a good meaning
【Hope for Manufacturer ? Please tell me if there are any improvement points] I would like the Instruction Manual to list the required operation guarantee voltage
【Have you compared items?】 Required Craft's CDI and Posh's Digital Super Battle Professional
[Others] Optional note is that the Kill switch is disabled ? There is no Ketjin prevention circuit ? Not available for Battery reply

I purchased it as Repair Parts.
quality ? Body performance etc.. There is no problem, this terminal is also an improved type of this product Good connection of code and Body also has a feeling of being tightly,
Crimp part of the manual failed hard to understand.
It is kind that there is a manual with images.

【How was it actually used?】
Instruction Manual of goods As you can see, low to medium speed are slight, but I feel that it has become powerful.
People in the city ride Main and who have a long period of time riding in NORMAL will notice change.

Mainly from 6,000 rpm to 7,000 rpm "Reserve" There was a valley like, but it was up to 7,500 rpm
Rotation became Smooth, especially easiness to ride in 3rd gear improved.
Until now, it was a feeling that the speed range which was a subtle line whether to put it in the 4th speed came to compensate with the 3rd gear.

In an honest place that is not a dramatic change, I felt the change was also a very small part like the one mentioned above, so I thought that it is worth paying this price personally personally.
(* I may be particularly insensitive, but. )

Also, although it was said that startability will also improve, R25 has good startability in the winter in top class among the Motorcycle I've come on. Even if it's cold, it starts with a single shot, so even in the NORMAL state "The engine's bad lighting" I have never thought of it before.. So, the goodness of this point may not be able to be felt.

【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
We recommend you leave it to the store.

But even so "Do yourself!" Ideal if you meet the following. (It is a struggle for me)

Almost all Cowl of R25 can be removed.
What can Fuel Tank be removed.
What you do not need to worry about where Cowl or Tank you removed.
? Having a service manual. (★ It is not essential, but I also wrote how to remove it, so it is better to have it)
Be able to work in a well-ventilated place. (★ Fuel Tank removes the remaining Gasoline in Hose. No fires ? Necessary ventilation. )


【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】
Anyway, it was Large strange until the installation.
Since I am clumsy, it took about 4 hours to install.

Although the attached Manual does not mean I can not understand it,
A4 Quantity : 1pc. There is only a minimal description on the paper, "There are few photos" "The picture is Small" It is not gentle for beginners.

Bought home appliances and connect ? People who can not do Wiring are better off absolutely (Lol)

So, there are no items like Point or hang that can be described in particular.

However, it was the pain of the biggest Large, Frame Slider (Manufactured by Babyface) And therefore,
As a result, I had to remove the Slider.
Bolt used to fix the supplied Ignition coil is also used as a fixture for Frame Slider. Therefore, when tightening together, Frame Slider fixture and
The thickness of Ignition coil makes Cowl impossible to squeeze.
(* Frame Slider photos are also attached. The part to be jointly fastened is the part surrounded by Yellow dotted line. )

【Fit feeling and height when wearing ? Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case) 】
Because of Hard parts, none.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
Things I could not feel realized than I thought.
(I'd like to check again with startability in the winter.. )

【Hope for Manufacturer ? Please let me know if there are any improvement points]
The packaging was polite and I was able to have Large likable.
However, I want the unification of the representation of the parts name of Instruction Manual. There was tremor in expression, the name stated in the bag containing the parts and the name stated in the Manual are somewhat different, so I was a little puzzled.

【Have you compared items?】
nothing special.

As you can see, each person may be able to sense things that are commensurate with the price. I run only 5,000 km in the NORMAL state at the city ride Main, but since I have been riding like almost every week since I bought it, the speed which it depends on the habits of the car body and GEAR and the speed of rotation, Characteristics and riding taste are grasping the Large bodies.
On that basis, I made an evaluation like the above, but since I have never used it in sports driving etc., people who do such a ride may feel different things.

Initial ModelRZ250 (4L3) So, when heavy revolutions were heavily used during traveling, it started to cause engine stalls from Plug's fog and I suspected Coil's abnormality. I also thought about the exchange to OEMCoil, but I tried Coot of Wotani because I am impatient.
When ordering, I did not know which ones in a lot to use, I ordered from Watani and it became an order. If you can prepare an adaptation table etc if you can, I'm glad that you can complete the order on webike until ordering.
When installing, it was necessary to change the handling of Plug Cable from OEM and to rebuild the fixed Plate. There was no problem with OthersWiring etc..
After the exchange, about the function, it changed from the sound of Idling. In the bad Coil, it was Mogo Mogo, after replacement Popopo ... and the one ignition one ignition can be seen, the tongue has become better. Of course, I think that the sound when turning turned out to be a better sound that I could play better than 2st.
Even when there were no signs of trouble even when using the continuous high rotation that was the original problem, the overall Axel ruggedness improved.
Although it is made to be able to use the original Plug Cable, if OEMCoil is like aged deterioration, since Plug Cable is in a state as it is, we Recommendation to exchange at the same time

I ordered at Mount's Pitch 80 and came at 90.
I made a hole in Bracket and managed to do it.
Aluminum's Bracket makes it possible to open the hole, but it can only be opened halfway and it looks bad.

Equipped with E100 of H100 which we ordered from United Kingdom to MT-5
External carburetor and Chamberetc. It became a shape by collaboration, but as time goes wrong ...

Symptoms from around 7000 rpm
When the oxygen concentration was high in winter, the symptoms were slightly improved
Tinkered carburetor's MJ and Needle, but it did not improve
Timing Light is purchased and adjustment of ignition timing is attempted, but there is no sharp result
As Ignition coil seems to degrade for people as well, hear replacement as one means
Try rearranging it to used NORMAL item, but no effect

There is a background saying
Let's change it to a new article outside the office! As a result of examination, we arrived at this product.

Installation was put under the GTank that NORMAL had been attached, but the product is a little larger than the NORMAL, so it is a requirement for modification.

WiringQuantity : Since 2 pc needs terminal processing, it requires a proper tool
Approximately 2 hours for installation
Image shooting Body installation and handling
It took me a bit of time ~

Well, work finished Eg start
? Started without pulling Chalk
? Idling rotational speed slightly increased
? Sensitive to reaction of Lens Pons Axel
I felt a change though it was not running..

Mr. test run
I thought that the Torque of 5000 rpm or less increased
As you gradually open Throttle
Pass through the thrusul and 7000 rpm
Rush into the delicious Power band from 8000 to 9500 rpm at once!
Hoosegse whether it will change so much
I was surprised..

Plug of spark "quality" Is it to say that it went up?.
Eliminate troubles so far
Large satisfied with this product?

Although there was a change in the length of the High-tension cord because of the change in the car type, there was sale of only the terminal part so it was hard to process the old terminal with a new terminal without having to remove it by struggling.

Install on CB 750F. Trust has existed from the past and it is introduced to this vehicle immediately. Wotani says that this car seems to be the best possible. Because OEM's performance is so bad that! Although the price may be high, it is that it has more effect than that. By the way, it is not handled already by Wee Big. Manufacturer did not have a contact with the out-of-prints, but it was about Cancellation, but Mr. Wotani has stock properly. Confirmed. I bought it with a different Route.