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Asahi windshield

Asahi windshield telah memproduksi berbagai windshield unik dan berkualitas sejak 1955. Desain windshield Asahi yang klasik mengedepankan sisi aerodinamis demi prelindungan yang maksimal.

(78 Ulasan)


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Produk Baru Asahi windshield

Ulasan Produk Asahi windshield

Barang bagus dan presisi sekali... Motor terlihat lebih enak dipasang dan menjadi pusat perhatian dijalan Love it...

KATCHOITSU!!! TSU with a feeling very best on very cool looks!!!

Windscreen was easy to install, and it is very sturdy. The only issue I had was that placement was somewhat tricky. The mounting arms could not be placed very high on the handlebar because of obstruction from the front brake line. This caused the bottom of the windscreen to rub against the headlight shroud on my 2014 Grom. So I needed to use an extra washer on each side of the bracket on the windscreen to raise the position of the screen (shown in picture). The windscreen helps keep the instrument cluster a little drier in the rain. It also helps reduce drag at high speed. I actually gained approximately 1 mph on the freeway. I'm very happy with this windscreen.

This is the Motorcycle windshield of childhood? It is attracted to Retro feeling and purchased and installed in Eliminator 125 and used 1 Season.
Installation of Arm to Handlebar is position adjustment ? Even though angle adjustment is only fixing 2 places with simple UGold thing, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I was somewhat cautious in aligning the alignment of. (Because it is Universal, I think it is due to making it a gold item or simple)
Canvas was easy to install without problems with the position of the canvas and headlight, Blinker lamp which I was worried about before purchasing.
It is an impression after use.
Short Type but Eliminator 125 dedicated to the lower road thinks the windshield effect is sufficient.
I saw some of the canvas rubbed in 1 Season and the hole opened so I think it would be good if you can exchange canvas only by cancellation.
Partial Arm installation etc etc. We note that Rust is likely to occur in the Gold item of.

I really like it. Easy to assemble. However, it is a little difficult to assemble correctly. But I do not think there is as good a windscreen as the Asahi windscreen. And I think it's very flexible and you do not have to worry about breaking down.

非常贴合Lead125,行车中防风效果好,做工精细,细节把控到位,与整车融为一体,值得购买,安装是按照步骤一步一步即可完美安装,贴合车型,注意平时保养尽量用水冲洗,这样会更透亮,最后评价EMS非常给力!以后一定多多惠顾! Very suitable for Lead125, the windproof effect is good in the driving, the workmanship is fine, the details are controlled in place, and integrated with the whole vehicle, it is worth buying, the installation is step by step, the perfect installation, fit the model, pay attention to the usual maintenance, wash with water This will be more translucent, and finally EMS is very powerful! There must be a lot of patronage in the future!(translated by Google Translator)

The edge of corner detail is not satisfied(left side). There is a little gap between shield and molding. I can guess that it will became dirty... Other things are good. But, I think you guys should be concentrated to check the stuff. I decided that I will not bring it back... because I know that there is no stock and I don't want to spend additional time...But I want let you know the stuff is not good enough to satisfied. Please pay careful attention.

Easy to follow and feel good without interfering with Knuckle Garden. Did the wind flow go up slightly !?
Rainy days are still unpruned.