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It is now to this [ Imamoto ]. It arrived.
Along the bay!
Are childish. It has soared.
Early [ delightful ] I would like to hear sound.

how do you do? along the bay -- wanting Want. at last -- It got.
various -- Measure with liking to praise a muffler It Webike SUTTAFU I had you receive very much. I wanted to say.
When a good photograph is able to be taken, does it contribute about a muffler?

I am wearing GSX 1100S. It is an exchange from YOSHIMURAmachine bendedCYCLONE.
Surprisingly quiet when you arrive at Baffle.
Although it is the performance of the essence, a word of the masterpiece (It is a comparison with CYCLONE to the last)
First ? ? ? I felt like consciousness flew by acceleration at high speed (; '∀ `)
It is serious ? ? ? Later Cruising was fun and fun ♪ I was laughing in the Helmet all through ? ? ? What is it like? (Lol)
Also, I baked it with Order, ordered with polish, but it came true ♪
So, it is good to see, it got a nice and good Motorcycle ride ♪
Although it is about installation, there is no problem if the tools are complete ? ? ? But tools to pull Spring are essential!
Generally ? ? ? I think it is very good! This Exhaust System

It is mounted on CB 750FC ? ?
Good mounting accuracy ? A little CROSS from Exhaust pipe and it is Cool ? ?
color ? Luster is also nice. ? ?
Titanium Material is also light and cheap in price ? I am satisfied with Large change ? ?
Goods feel good ? ?

We are finishing now with PMAUTO. Video Up Please wait for a while.

I purchased the [Large End] Φ86x300mm option with baffle however I can't comment on the baffle because I haven't used it yet. This exhaust system even though it's still only a slip-on/half system is top tier. The construction and craftsmanship throughout the exhaust system is perfect in every way. It comes in the raw titanium finish with slight colouring around some of the welds which is very aesthetically pleasing, but at the same time leaving it a fresh canvas for more discolouration when you're pushing the engine to its limits. I was surprised at how nice it sounded without being obnoxiously 'loud', the volume is quite high ¬105db but the muffler deepens the note instead of other GP styled exhausts. It's a very good buy if you are going to disable the exhaust servo/butterfly valve as you get a full titanium exhaust once attached!

It is bright.

This which can be used!

It is said that there is also a motorcycle about the computer equipped with the learning function these days.
It seems that it is better to backup.
Although it is seldom a thing to be used, since it is not the easiness and what has a not much high price that can backup with a size AA battery, either, I think whether there may be one.
There is also combination of the battery of Kuruma different from a booster cable. The one where re sets, such as a clock of a car and an audio system, are more troublesome is right or wrong!