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It was used for [Webike-monitor] CB400SF SPECIII.
It becomes pure to the almost same die length.
If it is a direction damaged by itself and attachment does not come out with a service manual, it is dramatically serious about CB400SF SPECIII.
I think that it is good to leave it to a pro as long as the tool is assembled to some extent and there is no confidence in work since it is not attached unless it removes a carburetor.

They are a one point's dress-up parts.
Since it is a fairly good price, he is self-satisfied Sekai.

It exchanges simultaneously with a brake lever.
In play [ itself ] is the same as a brake lever.
However, since it is a little shorter than a pure lever, it is hard to do clutch operation for a while with three fingers.
Appearance is that which is said and is a three stars for the plus minus 0.

Although the racing master of brembo was attached, when it was default specification, there was no mirror holder.
(Since it is racing specification, it is natural) Since he wanted to carry out as [ come out / if possible / sense of incongruity ], the place product made from an antlion which was looking for the near thing of the color was decided on.
The kind of color is also abundant.
(The other company's was only an uncomfortable color ...) The structure of goods is very beautiful and they do not have the color unevenness of an anodized, either.
When it actually tried to have performed radial master attachment, it was comfortable and became natural touch.
the kana it was better not to have a logo mark individually -- I think ...
Although the price thought somewhat high kana, also when seeing the height of the quality of goods, I thought that it was inexpensive.

These two lids I purchased did fit perfectly. They also came with new allen screws. Beautiful finish on the black ones I got.

I ordered Titanium blue, but regrettable because it is far from the light blue color. I was planning to align with Titanium Exhaust, so Large Shock. Because it is cloudy weather, Blue may not be shining so much, but I regret that I should have made Silver. One star of quality texture is dissatisfied only with coloring, and it is not a bad translation, so I will report it.

I am on the SR 400.
Changed to Clutch holder of ZZr 400, and attached Lever of antlion.
The appearance became gorgeous and the Custom feeling was up..
With the shape that firmly adapts to hands "Grab Clutch, cut it" Even the operation becomes fun, I feel attached to the weight of Cl unique, which is unique to SR. From the bottom of my heart "It was good to change" I think it is a gem.

Only one thing….

After all, Cost will leap with Gun when compared with Lever of OEM, I wish to change, but is not there some people think that it is expensive?
I was one of them, but after exchanging, I'm more than satisfied with the satisfaction of my heart, so I will forget the price, so please try to change those who are worried.
"I should have changed it sooner" I thought, honestly.. Lever exchange only, but I have made Motorcycle life even more enjoyable ♪

Normal's Decompression lever was attached to the bottom, it was hard to operate and I was dissatisfied and I thought I managed to manage it. Although I purchased it and installed it, it was nice to buy it after all ,,,