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Ninja-H2 Harada Muffler Used for Full Exhaust System
As it is, it's too loud that I can not hear the sound from Income
Using inner diameter φ 32 End Baffle
Sound became quiet but after fire gold plays mixed sounds (When acceleration AxelON)
Fecal clogging feeling during acceleration (It does not accelerate)
It looks bad
After replacing to Inner baffle
L Size inner diameter φ 33
Volume Income sounds like a hearing
At After Fire Glass Wool is rolled and the plosive sound changes from Bakin to Bonn and satisfied
Fecal clogging is a little bit better as the inner diameter is getting a little Large
I switched to heavy bass at Idling and I was satisfied with Large satisfaction

I bought Automatic magicInner baffle but when I put in Baffle 5mm Silencer Insertion depth is not enough enough, although there is a silencing effect, the price is too high I thought other Inner baffle is good.

I bought it for my husband 's Panigale.
I bought it with caliber, but it is not suitable for millimeters
I put it out for polishing after all.
I think that the sound deadening performance is good.
Power drops. Because Cost was Double, this evaluation.

Because it was a Trickster's Slip-on Silencer explosion with ZrX 1200 Zr X 1200 DAEG, I made it to S Size of S wall. The diameter is 60 φ. w Since it seemed that the wall did not enter
The installation was very easy.
Originally it was an explosive, so quietly after all it is not quiet just by this I feel the volume is down.
I wish S Size would like Long to come out.
It is a matter of time that complaints come when this sound is because the Idling sound is bad and it is a private house. Is not there any good Inner baffle?
It will be a time problem that Touring and being caught by White Bye
Also, although it may be irrelevant, FILamp occasionally arrives after this attachment - I will look for a while looking at the situation.

I am on a 250 cc single cylinder of KTM's 250 DUKE.
When I changed Exhaust System to GPIitanium of LCI, I used Inner baffle (Glass Wool roll) But I arrived at the place where I was in trouble with the explosion which was almost the same as the straight pipe lol
We purchased S Size of 50 pies of S wall, Spec of Exhaust System. I chose this because I wanted to silence as much as possible with.

I think that it got quite satisfactory results when I mounted it and ran with it.
It sounded like Volume dropped while leaving the sound quality of the straight pipe. I still think that the sound is Large

Although it is an expensive dish, it is quite Recommendation for people who are in trouble with explosive with 250 Single ride! If you are emphasizing silence, it is better to choose S Size of W wall if the depth dimension of Tail Pipe allows..

I tried buying this as if it would have effect. It does not change anything. Silencer is 2, 3 behind Gap, when you look carefully, it looks like. It is not a thing to buy 10,000 yen and buy it.

I am attaching nojimaFASARM R2 non-JMCASilencer to NC39 SP3.
With attached without Baffle sound quality is good, but it will be fine volume .... I thought if I could lower the volume without changing the sound quality somehow ... "Automatic magic Inner baffle Φ 50, W wall type, Size S" I tried installing.
After installation, I can feel the volume drop to some extent from Idling. Unlike Silencer exit Baffle, sound quality is satisfying with a good sound with bass effect. It keeps dry sound quality that does not stay during running.
As my wish, it was awesome if the volume could be dropped a little more. The change of Torque due to narrowing exhaust is feeling not much different from that at exit Baffle.
Quality is good, installation can also be done to Smooth, welding has been done tightly and there was no backlash distortion etc. in the product itself. If there is a backlash with Pipe, I will fit if I raise a little nail.
For me, I think that it was good to purchase. I will have fun with this set for a while!

Full Exhaust System, Straight Silencer and after passing through, Torque under the Torque to Skyca....
Besides, because of the Large explosion, buy double wall M Size to expect backward pressure as well as silence effect as well..
It's easy for everyone to ride on Impre street back pressure. Regarding the silencing effect that I was expecting a little bit, it was set up that the exhaust sound was in order, but it is almost ineffective.
In order not to be able to attach Baffle to Silencer, I purchased and installed a 200-Long retrofit additionally, but it has no effect at all.... Next time I will roll the Glass Wool.