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As for Wiring, it was Couplet-on as explained
It was as expected as for part Cut around Light
It was unexpected that I had to Cut the Cowl around Handlebar

Other than that I am satisfied.

Originally I used KIJIMA's XRType, but the ball got broken due to vibration, so I was looking for LED objects and arrived at this product.
Size was exactly the same and I thought that there was no problem with the installation, but the installation of Bolt jumping out for attaching to the car body was somewhat complicated and spreading slightly in the letter H, I installed the Fender hole slightly expanded.

There is no problem in the amount of light etc. Wiring length is enough and connection work itself is no problem. (There is no Instruction Manual)

But Clear Lens is not written in the item description, but if it is only one red shining picture, I misunderstand Red Lens. (I misunderstood it)

Well Results Design is suitable for both vehicles for my own vehicle, but I think that you can check whether there is Red Lens in the first place.

I see the base from Clear Lens a bit, but I think that it is a good product if you do not mind the details.

After that I still have not run so it is just what kind of durability is.

With moderate softness, it's hard to slip with Fold on the surface. For slimness, I felt Axel opening became narrower, Small hands of myself Axel operation became easier. I always grasp the end of Grip, so it's short as Length 115 mm, so it's easier for the thumb to switch like Blinker.
The disadvantage is that the surface Fold is fine and soft so it is worn out quickly. About half a year 4000 km, the place where the palm strikes is reduced a lot and it became slippery easily. I fixed it so that the remaining Fold is now on top.
Also, since this Grip is thin and short, it may be hard to operate in the Large Kit.

It is recommended for people who like Small people like me! Because it is not too expensive, I would like to repeat again.

It seems that it was made for Boxer of BMW, but it is about 5 mm long. I cut it and added it. It is saved because there is no Grip Bar only setting in OEM Parts Number with Grip heater.

Because I was on durable Race of Off-road, I tried various Manufacturer grips, but I arrived at Kore.
Ease of grip, softness is very good, it became difficult to raise your arm. Also it became difficult to make beans.
At the time of installation, since it comes to understand at a glance the part that comes over Grip, there is no mistake.

As a regrettable thing, it is somewhat expensive, poor availability, Color is only black or gray.

When I bought Rear stand
Recommendation I bought it because it was on the item.
Because the front brake was working tightly
I was able to use Rear stand with confidence.
It is slightly expensive, but it looks good.

It installed in CB 1300SB. I'm satisfied with Matching design and shape to CB at the same time. Also, the adhesiveness is satisfactory, it can be used without peeling.

It is Repeat..
Oh yeah, so it's not a casually exchangeable part, so just cheap things are not enough for credit and we are using only the proven A Lead.
Silicon grease enclosed with Chan and Package is pleased.
Because I can not feel bodily feeling about use feeling ,,,,,