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Produk Baru BAGSTER

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Purchased with Design and Helmet attracted by the storage power to enter.
Since desorption to Seat is troublesome, Buckle is retrofitted and in use.

Once at Waterproof, I can appreciate it's negligible if ParaPara is falling.

Pocket is extra feeling with shape preference.
Rain Cover on the outside Pocket, put Padlock for when leaving the Pocket on the back side, Main is Bag in Bag (A5) I use it with.

If you insert Helmet, it will be filled with just that, so if you really want to put it elsewhere, put it in Helmet.

Helmet (SHOEI GT-Air) Pocket on the inside of the top cover got frayed from the edge and you can not use it.
It was pretty bad, so it seems I got pulled and broke.

Although it was Shock that broke, Design is the best and storage capacity is enough up to about one night so I will continue to use it from now on.

I chose glossy Black
I can not wear it because the core Motorcycle is not yet, but I am also very good and cool enough to make texture
Material is PVC's synthetic leather tick, it is neither thin nor sewing firmly Nice
Tank Cover itself is made very strongly
If it says so strongly, what happens when the synthetic leather material rubs and the feeling of grip
There is a feeling of overwhelming but there may be sometimes sticking Tank Pad

I thought that it was a high shopping before buying, but I think that the merit of this making is worth more than the price
It is good to have all the OEM Color

If you disagree strongly, NylonTape for fixing Tank can be cheap against Body's appearance
Because NylonTape itself is sewn together with Tank Cover, it seems a little difficult to exchange it for a good string with yourself
Because it's Exclusive Design, it's a good idea to make improvements that will make the sides less conspicuous

In buying this Back I watched a lot on the video site, but decided to purchase for Stylish and expandability.
In addition, I was accustomed to SeatBack of other Manufacturer, I felt uneasy with the attached Rubber and Hook, bought a coin with 25 mm wide universal Belt and mail order at Home center and made Belt of Seat side by myself.
Even if it says his own work, cut the Belt to moderate length, broke the cut surface with a lighter, prevent fraying, just passed Belt from the Seat behind the vehicle and then put the coat on the Belt.
Pass that Belt through D Ring on both sides of the back and fix it with a cox.
Even with the treatment of the surplus Belt, I think that I was happy to buy it because it can withstand high-speed driving.
Documents are unsuitable due to the shape of the form, so if you can convince it you can satisfy the storage capacity.

It is used for commuting everyday, and it has been installed for many years with Tank's scratch prevention.
It's thick and the surface slides considerably.
* Jeans x, leather Pants ○

I do not want to attach a BOX with Bracket and I am looking for SeatBack and I found this, buy Red according to the color of Motorcycle, I feel a little somewhat difficult to install ♪
This is enough if it is the luggage of overnight 2 days, I do not yet know the durability but I want it even if it gets useless.

It is a convenient item when you want to add a favorite Tank Bag to the Bagster tank cover. If you can select Magic tape, there is nothing to say - - -.

A lot of capacity, design is also very good.
I searched for a variety of Side bags, but at this price capacity and design did not have any other favorite Bag.
However, Magic tapeQuantity fixing Bag : 2pc is thinner than that of other Manufacturer.
Still it is securely fixed, DRing (Material : Plastic) are attached around Bag so if you fix DRing with string or Wire as insurance, it is already safe.

Actually I'd like to purchase and purchase Tank Cover.....

Tank Cover which was in the color of the car body has no release
This product is a substitute.

Quantity of BAGSTER owned by this : 2pc. Set Back is attached,
We still have correspondence Bag so I would like to increase it.

With this we are no longer worried about Gap and falling while driving.