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It is very compact so we put it in Motorcycle as an on-board tool. Product accuracy does not have a bar code problem.
Ratchet itself is small, but the necessary and sufficient Torque is multiplied.
Us, OEMBolt. Torque Custom. Place., Hex, Hexagon Bolt (Ordinary Bolt) So when something happens on the road it will be somehow if there is only this!
A while ago, it was said that Ritchet driver which Bit is set to Set to mechanic of acquaintance is not to buy because product precision is bad, but this product is said to be good. Lol

I got lost as KNIPEX, but the bar code is thinner at the tip of the blade and working on Motorcycle (Disconnection of Tie Wrap etc.) I thought that it was suitable for purchasing. Of course if you cut at the root you can also cut the Piano line lightly.
Also, since the picture is the previous MODEL, we recommend that you purchase from those who wish there (Pictures may change on the way).
The new MODEL is easier to put in and out of Spring, but those who can do off-road and people who touch Oil sticky hands are easy to enter Garbage in the gap, so KNIPEX, wiha, MODEL before Bar Code etc. But maybe. Those who want to care Bar code is suitable for Motorcycle work.

This is pretty good! Accuracy is very hard to tarnish. It's a bit short, but I was not concerned because it was easy to grab. Cospa is also nice..

It will be a Bar code if it is called an Adjustable wrench. It is wonderfully [ with a Compact ] easy-to-use. It is far more practical to take out all the Open end wrenches included in
in-vehicle tool, and to put in one Adjustable wrench of a Bar code. It is easy to grasp the
Ergonomics grip, and easy to put in power.

Intensity is enough, also has a Memory and is easy-to-use.Since the point is thin, it plays an active part also in a narrow place, and Power is also remarkable and can trust it.

You should use a good thing just because it is the Adjustable wrench which has structure out of which accuracy cannot come easily. Although this was the first time that the Bar code which is a famous Manufacturer of the
Adjustable wrench was used, it is touch with user-friendliness and quite sufficient accuracy.
I would like to use for a long time from now on.

It purchased to exchange of the faucet of the city water of a house.
Since it opens to 38 mm at the maximum, it can use for various places and is very convenient.
Although it is the accuracy in question, compared with what is sold at the home center at a low price, the damage to the angle of a nut also seems to have little shakiness of a movable part few.
It may be hard to use when calling at a place, since Kami's portion jumps out like a photograph in using it for a small nut.

The one monkey is found useful if had.
Although a handle is somewhat short for the big monkey, a rubber alder etc. are used together, and it turns around a hard bolt etc. easily unexpectedly.
Since the rubber is attached to the handle, it is easy to grasp.
Even if it puts big power, a hand does not become not much painful.
A bolt etc. will not be licked if it uses firmly, adjusting width.
Since it is cheap and dramatically user-friendly, it is recommended.