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I appreciate being able to adjust it as I tried using it because I was able to return to my liking. However, because of the shape misalignment it will be in a state of cutting Clutch and Clutch will slip and it will not run. Although it was written as conforming MODEL, it can not be used.

- Although it was a bit small but Miller's Cord remained, I think that the overall COSPA is good. But…
- When fitting the Sleeve attached to OEMLever into the hole, the clutch lever got in a slippery way, but in the Brake lever the finish of the hole processing was small and it could not be put in by hand. The installation was Large strange due to the required precision of the press-in device.

The delivery date was two and a half months. From the sweetness of details built-in, correction of some mounting holes and distortion of Carbon's Pattern etc.. Although it can be seen, there was no big problem in Fitting. Because it is the type to exchange with OEMCover, OEM's Fastener and Cushion, Marketc. It is necessary to arrange separately.

To the Motorcycle people, something, only Carbon parts were installed.
I love twill love myself. www

By chance, while watching Car Bonnie's products, this product was.

Just the business card holder I was using was breaking and I was considering the next one, so buy it immediately.

Of course, with Large favorite twill weave!

The number of business cards, thickness etc etc. I think there is also a relationship,
I entered 15 ~ 18 pieces.

Things are similar in shape to business card holders selling at 100, so the feeling you used can be used without discomfort.
(Up to now, using 100 thing things)
Carbon, of course Good.
The Reverse side is a mirror finish, it looks like a mirror,
When put in the desk or in the Pocket,
Surface scratches are attached, just because it is mirror-finished, it becomes conspicuous.
I mistakenly put it in the Pocket with the key of HARLEY-DAVIDSON FXCW 1584 ROCKER - - - Immediately I got cloudy with Small scratches (Tears)

When exchanging business cards with customers, there is nothing to show Reverse side, but it does not matter.

I exchanged business cards with customers earlier,
When exchanging business cards, I personally became enjoyable (Lol)

I would like to use it until it gets broken.

It is a Type that can adjust the Length, so it is convenient to adjust to the Large Kimono of hands or to adjust the weight to grasp.

Also, because it is Foldable, there is no worry that Lever breaks and it will not be possible to run even if it falls over.
(Proven - - - )

I decided on the abundance and price of Color variations.
I think design is also not bad.
The length of Lever is changed as you like, and the position can be chosen in 7 steps.

I checked the product, I am satisfied with the color and structure
I like vivid Blue
I have not installed yet, but I think that it will be a good Accent
Just wondering if the weight is light? There is no problem in terms of strength, but I was concerned.
I got it in the comment, too.. I wonder if the corner part of Lever has a slightly rounded edge.
First is a good product

My first impression I got when it arrived was "Cool!"
I got it mounted, and it didn't come back smoothly. The width on the brake side might be slightly larger than required. But it won't cause harm.
As for adjustment, although I have small hands 4th stage (out of 5 stages) was just right for me. It is flexible. I'm also satisfied where you can place two fingers or four fingers on it, whichever you prefer.