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SRX400 (Converted to 608 cc) Clutch became chronically sliding, so I thought about the future Custom and tried it as Reinforced Clutch.
The most different from FCC's Kit is the Clutch plate that was coated on Aluminum.
Actually, it is fairly light, I could not feel how much weight reduction of Clutch itself has an impact on Engine pickup but I hope that it will work in a good direction.
I was thinking about what to do if Clutch 's expiration, Touch worsened markedly from the inside before receiving the impression that there is a difficulty in installation due to the problem of accuracy in the item explanation, but the actual product also has accuracy Well, there was no bad influence on the break.
Clutch 's meat feeling is far superior to OEM, it has a feeling of controlling and controlling Traction like a Gradation on the road surface, but it is worse than that of FCC' s.
However, the Cost performance of Clutch plate + Spring + Friction plate Set is remarkably good, so it is recommended for people who want to experience Aluminum Clutch Plate.
According to the rumor that certain CustomSRX over 700 cc seems to be wearing the Barnett's Clutch Kit, even at such a point it seems that there is no problem at all on Performance.

I was hoping for Reinforced Spring,
It was not strengthened as I expected ((+_+) )
As for GSF 1200, Clutch is slippery Motorcycle so many countermeasures are given on Net, but as a result it is probably the cheapest and easiest to install Reinforced Clutch Kit.

It constructed to ZRX400.
Although about 30,000 K ran, it is touch of exchange kana soon.
Since the pure clutch spring of ZZR600 was constructed, if it was still normal, it is more awesome and possibly was.
Although it is a feeling, the touch connected with SUPATSU is quite good.
It is well at a peak.
It is sushi without a grip also feeling a weight.
Individually, they are recommended goods.

Since they can construct a strengthening clutch if it arranges this much since the housing of normal can be used as it is, they are good.
Two springs are contained, also unite normal and have strength chosen.
It is not so heavy although strengthened using the spring currently attached to the set.

Although pains were taken a little to remove an old gasket, I, maintenance beginners, have also exchanged safely.
Engine rotation becomes light and it is very good touch after wearing.
Although the rumor which cannot go into a neutral easily that a piece worsened was also heard, in my 3GM, such a thing could not be found and it became good rather than the time of normal.
Lever handling hardly changes by the grade of the kana ? which somewhat became heavy, either.
They are very parts of recommendation.

Since the spring is strengthened, lever handling becomes hot with a natural thing.
Although I had inclusion performed by Schopp, there is [ please use the board of normal to see you delete, when the disc plate currently packed up does not enter, and ] a sentence in a description, and I was able to hear about the continental generous portion.
However, Power who increased is told certainly.

Rotation became light.
If a weight is compared as it is pure, lightness is different positively.
Although SUPATSU and the feel which goes out are not easily acquired in case of the clutch of an oil pressure, how to be turned off in case of this clutch is SUPATSU and the touch which goes out.

When it was a pure clutch, where it put into the First gear and a clutch is disengaged, when it pushed and pulled, it was heavy, but at the feel in the aggressiveness influence to exchange, it became light clearly.
Since the real run which puts in oil has not been carried out yet, a real run is pleasure.