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Jaket kulit BATES dikenal dunia usai dikenakan Peter Fonda di film "Easy Rider" dan juga merupakan item favorit Steve McQueen. Jaket dan sarung tangan berbahan kulit asli BATES memiliki tekstur yang lembut, tetapi sangat aman digunakan untuk riding dalam waktu lama.

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I bought BATES 'Jacket for the first time.
I was worried about Size, but it was Tight Size feeling rather than the products of other companies, so I was drunk
Buy XXXL. It was Exactly..
By the way, I, 179 cm - 90 Kg metabolism type (Lol)
Although I was looking for various things, I bought it with Design that seems to be BATES very much.
Also, this price was also attractive Large with windproof DownInner.
Because Fake leather etc. are not used, so that part can not be broken by aged deterioration so it can be worn for a long time ◎.
Anyway, as for poor Rider like me, there is no room to buy Jacket any more, so even if it is a bit expensive, this is my favorite of the classic Design!

I bought in design good, performance is a feeling I lost due to price, leather in Motorcycle, it is cool, but I am a Touring faction, there is no practicality, the 5000 yen KomineWINTER Gloves is Design If it is not good

It looks like Mesh of ultra thin Jersey fabric, so I think that it is impossible to prevent any further heat in the outerwear. Protector is on the back and shoulders, but it seems to be better than nothing.

Purchase because Double is not seen in other Manufacturers.
There is no Stress with feeling like Mesh as usual such as comfort.
Not feeling like leather's Riders Double, but feeling that Zipper is doubled.
It is good for me who is not gorgeous but over 50 years old.

Purchased like Red's design. I was in trouble as color appeared at washing.. Since sweat cuffs are thin, it was hard to take off. Since Protector is poor, you should not expect it, but I am satisfied overall.

Jacket from the early summer was wearing leather Mesh, but because it is hard and heavy I bought it for long distance touring. It is light and easy to wear, and the design that goes out to the town as it is as a Jacket as it is at Touring destination is good.
However, this summer was a hot summer, it was hot and not suitable for summer. I thought that it would be good if I could remove the sleeve or Front's Air Intake.
Size was Exactly in the Size street, but I was making it at the Riding position, or getting off Motorcycle, my chest was cramped.

This item is short-sleeved so I'm taking safety measures with Elbow guard and Set like rough & Road summer. In terms of safety, I think it would be nice to replace Pad in the shoulder, chest, and back with another one, but I prefer priority to countermeasures against heat in the summer, quick drying T - Shirt and Elbow guard and the product with the product There is no exposure of the sweat and drying is also early. Also, since Material looks like a thin Knit, it has flexibility. There are preferences of Size by people, but I think drying is fast if 1 Size Large yaki sweat.
To say luxury, I think that the harder one is better for Pads, but this time it seems to be poorly ventilated, so I think that it is difficult to balance heat measures and safety measures. For this reason, because it is a short sleeve, I think that it will be enough if you drive safely with care as usual.

As short-sleeved full mesh jacket sunburn prevention Inner, purchase.
Because I am a BatesLarge like man, meals, rest etc etc. , Fashion sense when taking off your coat.