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BATTLE FACTORY menyediakan berbagai aksesoris riding seperti fairing, rearset, stang jepit, masih banyak lainnya yang dibuat khusus untuk motor sport HONDA sejenis NSR, CBR, dan NSF.

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I am using Rear Sets manufactured by another company, but since Footpeg wears down, I replaced it. It feels like Knurl gets caught coarse! After that we feel that water does not collect well in the longitudinal groove and the rainy day!
When you exchange again it is a rule to kore!

Immediately after arrival, wearing. Although it is written in the explanation, since it is universal, the hole for the anti-rotation must be processed additionally, but it can be poured.
Handlebar itself is light, texture is not bad.
Since the hanging angle is different from the OEM, it comes into contact with Cowl, so adjustment of that side is necessary.

I also considered other Manufacturer's items, but I chose Battle factory's.
I am satisfied with the products as expected.
Delivery date arrived at hand as soon as possible about 1 week from the schedule.

It was a disappointing product whether the processing precision of Screw Mountain of Bolt of Caster is bad, making Frame welding and painting finish sooner or being made.

Although there is no dissatisfaction with the welding of the steel material and the finish of the painting, the finish of the Screw mountain processing of the assembly Bolt is badly ruining the quality of the whole. It seems like Made-to-Order, but it is still built and inspected.

When buying Set Back Plate on footpeg, because it is not long enough to purchase.
Texture is good.. Assembling is 10 mm, but as the Asahi FlareWrench could be used it is Recommendation. FlareWrench is harder to lick with force than Spanner.

Put the square under the Side Stand, bring the Motorcycle close to horizontal and hook the hook.
Then, the STAND slightly interferes with the tip of the Fender that is stuck with the OEM.
You can not set STAND unless you force it to push Fender away.
Fender Eliminator Kitetc. Although it seems to be an unrelated problem to the person who is making it clearer, it seems that it seemed to interfere a little bit with De Fault's GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA.

But Body is quite lightweight and easy to carry, so we are satisfied because the operability is also Outclassing.

It is the shortest bar among a number of Footpeg BarManufacturer, it is 10 mm shorter than last time, it got better not to slip and get caught well, it is easy to get on, Bolt size can be attached to other footpeg, if it is short after installation If you feel it can be adjusted with Color, high quality at low price