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how do you do? along the bay -- wanting Want. at last -- It got.
various -- Measure with liking to praise a muffler It Webike SUTTAFU I had you receive very much. I wanted to say.
When a good photograph is able to be taken, does it contribute about a muffler?

It is now to this [ Imamoto ]. It arrived.
Along the bay!
Are childish. It has soared.
Early [ delightful ] I would like to hear sound.

Another Manufacturer's TitaniumLicense Plate in product search
After finding it and placing an order I understand Mr. Asahina's product
Although I was disappointed with scratches and cheapness after the item I bought first received
I bought Mr. Asahina's License Plate
At first glance it seems to be high as a plate, but I think that hands are hanging when looking at products and it is COSPA good
Because the self-satisfaction is the first item of this hand, it was actually real difficult to understand with the photograph of the item description of webike
Looking at the items I received I am satisfied with Large
BEET face around Plate has doubled the value of the product
I'm twisting a bit to make a BEET surface, but I think that it can not be helped because it is being heated by welding
More than anything, texture You can see that it is enough to just see it
Also feel 1 when you have it. The feeling of 5 mm Plate's gusseted is very good
If this comes out first by webike search
It is a little disappointing but the first time I arranged it, I understood the difference of the product
For example, it was a product that knows by hand the difference between handmade by mass-produced items and craftsmen
I want to install it in the GPZ 900 R of love machine as soon as possible (o^^o)

Bought a pair of these mufflers from Asahina Racing for my 'Gixxer 13 and was delighted. They sound the best! Way sweeter with a deeper bass than any other Jap or US brand. They are expensive because they are real carbon fiber and also 100% made In Japan. All in all, they are way better in sound and quality than most more common brands out there.

Amazing quality and incredible sound. Definitely a top quality exhaust. It beautifully changes color once heated The only weak point are the springs provided that broke after few kilometers

I was glad that you could deliver it earlier than planned until the delivery date.
Goods are very well made and well sounds are as expected and Large satisfied.
However, it is pleasant to be able to make things by vehicle type etc for those who first install their own installation explanation of the assembly from the Exhaust pipe of Front.

I am using it on ZX-9R. Muliwaki 's middle pipe 60 because it is hard to put full -. Added by using adapter to convert to 5 → 59 pie. Dull lighting of titanium, end of welding (I am a large end) I think that the finishing like the closest to the Moto GP machine. Volume is for racing, so it is natural that it is explosive. But I think that it is a sound that will not come out unless it is this silencer. I feel nervous at the highest at high speed. Sounds are nice, but the most surprising performance in terms of lightness. It's time to have it in my hands for the first time This is what I thought. Although the silencer itself is also made, since the band is also made of titanium, it can be considerably lighter. It is the 4th in this muffler, but I finally met a satisfying one. I like the best parts of my bike.

It was attached to 9R of 2000 year formula E1. The deep bass emitted from a very thick silencer got a big motorbike-like sound and I felt it was a bit different from a little. Photographs described in the manufacturer are listed C type but E type is also attached easily. Just 6 screws to remove (1 silencer stay, 2 covers on the silencer front cover, 3 silencer base) Installation is also very easy. If you add an end baffle the volume will also drop, as for models without exhaust gas inspection I think that you can also acquire a vehicle inspection. The rotation became lighter as coming out was better, but the sense of power did not change so much.