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I bought for YB - 1 FOUR, but the amount of Lift and OEMCam did not change almost, the operating angle was below the OEM. I tried to incorporate it once, but it got slower than OEM. Perhaps the person who designed this is not the person who does not know the Large Kimono of the number etc. If it raises one strength, basically it does not exceed 60 kg basically so one person of 49 cc registered It will be almost impossible to discontinue Risk.

Oil cooler Since we wanted to turn Oil from Crank to cooler upon installation, we bought this product with Hose outlet.
Originally it was OEMClutch cover of DREAM 50, I knew that it was processed and sold, but the Rubber board which closes the oil path of Crankcase side written in Instruction Manual is not included , Hose nipple attached by processing is distorted.
Oil leakage etc. There is not at the moment, but anxiety will remain.
First of all it seems that Hose nipple is too thin.

Now I can use it without Trouble and I am glad that the Oil Filter can also bite.

I used old and new with NS50F. Construction is Normal chamber of the previous term (Good coming off) ,
Normal cab almost NORMALSpec. is.

Long ago in RiderComics' verification article, it was the evaluation that Kitaspa was the most good Kit
I bought it. At that time I remembered that it was around 8000 yen.
At that time it was quite famous, it should have sold quite a bit for Light user.

I bought that kit of the time at that time and the same kit as the current one and used it.
Early MODEL was cut to Large Big near the center of PistonHead,
Currently the processing of Tana part of Piston has become. In terms of performance, the compression ratio is high
The current worries of the detonation are also less is good.

Installation is not a problem at all. Especially it's ok with elementality without chamfering.
Both old and new very accurate and high quality.

With Base & Head Gasket and Set increasing compression and changing Port timing,
Because we change the exhaust port timing considerably large, the power band is considerably higher
to change. I think that it will become low-speed squirrel if it is Big carburetor,
Normal cab is fine. Automatic boy basically also has Normal cab
If you are recommending, if you finger Large, you can use your own Head kit and so on like Components
Please use it. "Rigorous focus on Balance" Because it is the attitude of, strangely here
It may fail if fingering.

As the power band rises, the compression also increases, so it's normal to have a Trolley ride
Feeling that you can not feel so much. But, if you give up giving me Axel, it's frightening
It will accelerate. I get speed so much I can not say (Lol)
It's probably the way it will be if you hit Timing this much, but Piston and Gasket
I am surprised that it is only realized.
If you are a Mission car like the NS50F you can use the power band which it rose effectively,
With Scooter you must set firmly Hypli and Clutch, you can not survive the rotation
It may just be a motivational experience. Only there needs attention.

As compression increases and packing efficiency improves, the water temperature rises in the summer.
Normally, it falls within the design range of Manufacturer, so there is no problem.

There is no particular problem in durability. Both old and new seems to have durability of NORMALLevel.
It can be used with confidence "Weird Piston kit". it's recommended.

Piston I got an Objection with a different shape. Piston lower polishing, according to it polished lower part of Cylinder. I've come with an instruction manual for ignition Timing's advance, but now I'm breaking in.. Since Carburetor setting seems to be burning, set it to a thick eye, 2 STEngine oil 10 in Tank : Mixed with 1.
Separate lubrication remains intact. Anyway, if you do not start from a dark eye, I think that you will probably get burned. It was 40 kilometers per hour for accustoming to me, and it was clearly stated that you should run 100 kilometers. For now, I'm accustomed to rough setting with Carburetor setting, Main jet ordering, but please be careful with burning.

[ -- the Webike Monitor ]
-- no less than 20 km was sped up only now!

[Webike Monitor]
suction is different!

11 MODEL XL883L is equipped. With
Rear-suspension exchange, it introduces for circumference strengthening of a Front. it being crowded with adjustment of the
Oil, and coming out -- Normal -- admiration became considerably good lightly.
Although it may be better to also exchange Springs simultaneously originally, since it does not necessarily rush into a Hard, it is satisfactory to some extent.

"I purchased 60-CC bore up kit for SUZUKI K50. Attachment was very easy. Although a bogging change of ignition timing was not made, it is not slow in particular. Although it is among a shake down in sprocket normal, the Rooney chamber, MJ#100, and air cleaner box drilling ..., it seems the mountain of a power band is clear. I feel that it is not so much different from a normal engine under a power band. I'm looking for how far does it upgrade setting or sprocket exchange after a shake down."