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I replaced it because the Grip made by DMV got hit.. I thought about purchasing a DMV but it was unfortunate, I waited for delivery and it was more than one month so I bought a baby like Design. Installation etc etc. ,No problem. It is a so-called ordinary Grip. There is no problem with operation feeling. The only problem is price. It is sold at less than half price with similar design like Amazon. If Brand is not concerned, it is not necessary to purchase this. Because it is a Chinese product anyway.

20 minutes for installation time to EX400E of NINJA 400 (Work with Ultra-thin Socket with Switch attached) Immediately after installing with a ponteon I felt that Clutch side was somewhat more fun compared to OEM, but how much it would be anything with adjustment of Wire etc.. The texture is satisfactory, it has passed about three months since the installation, but now it is operated without any sense of incongruity. Custom appearance also appears, it is recommended for affordable Custom.

The price is about the same as other companies, but it was nice that it arrived early.
Carbon parts However, because it paints color, it is condition to arrive early, but wait.
It may be good to work in hidden places.
However, it is hard to install with Solidly if Carbon is between each other.

Installation was also very easy with only removing Oolove's Bolt.
The feeling of use is that there are uncomfortable feeling because the moving part of Lever is slightly uneven when gripping.
But overall it was nice to replace it lighter than OEM.

I wore my ZZr 1400 so I bought it for my wife's NINJA 2 Helmet 50 RR as well. Combine the two
Red color. Is beautiful. The installation was loosened easily and it was able to be installed. A little Gold I am wearing a frame. Is still beautiful.

I did not confirm Length and it was bad to place an order.
It is diverted to bicycle FatMotorcycle.
Since the product itself can be stretched and Slide can be easily locked, it is more than the price

It got lighter and the position of Brake lever was 3. Since it can be adjusted between 5 mm, you can bring the Brake lever to the desired position.

Also color is colorful and there are lots of luxurious colors, so it is a personal recommendation.

Since it was good that it was installed in my ZZr 1400, I also purchased it in my wife's NINJA 2 Helmet 50 RR.
Same as ZZr 1400, easy to remove, easy to install. Is beautiful.