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Size feeling is smaller than I thought I was surprised that the product started arriving at me and I bought it properly and I bought it properly 15? If I tried floating on the high Rubber platform I hit Mirror Bracket, so I set Off Mirror I tried commuting to float on the Rubber platform for the time being, but for the time being I used Wind commuting sounds around Helmet in the wind that hits from the shoulder position so it gets tired and it gets tired, so it will be on the pedestal at home center When we tried to raise about about 3 pieces of gold pieces and Nuts that we could use and tried, the wind came up from around Helmet's Decoration, the wind sound was drastically reduced and it became good and the wiping cleaning on the inside of Screen became possible Because I decided to finely adjust it as a single paragraph.

Although it is not in the evaluation item, packing is limited within the allowable range Limit.

Depending on the conscience of Yamato's Driver somehow arrived safely.

Function as windshield is good.
I want a little more height, but at this price ......

Since the thickness of this product is enough, the strength is not problematic Level.
Distortion can not be confirmed.

Just for NORMAL's Cover being simply Bolt-on
Since this product is sandwiched between Rubber Bush,
The surface that comes in contact with the Front cover becomes overwhelmingly small,
Bolt and Car Both Sides may have a burden on the Screw hole.
(Durability is unknown because it has not gotten a distance yet)

Also, the included Bolt is a normal Cap, so theft - To prevent mischief
It is safe to procure Torx bolt separately. (M5 × 25 × 4 pieces)

In full lock, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Master cylinder contacts this product more than Mirror - have a finger in the pie.

(When installed in the upper row)
Although it seems that it installs and protects the attached Rubber cover in two, Parenthesis is bad.

I would like a Length to cover the whole thing.

From the appearance Parenthesis is good but if you want to add something to z1000 flavor or deck Screen dislike you want to recommend this

Fabri Screen, but 8 mounting holes are available. At first, it was a kind design that can adjust the height of Screen by changing the position of the hole.

The position of the hole is Exactly, it can be installed easily by pressing the attached RubberWasher against the car body side.

Screen's shape is also Stylish and its transparency is high. I do not really see the front through the Screen.

If you are 170 cm tall and turn on this screen, the height at which the face exits the screen exactly.
The running wind does not hit the body, but instead it hits the face, but if you close the Helmet's Shield it will not be a problem at all.

As a counter measure against cold we are aiming.

When you fully lock the Handlebar, the end of the screen hits the Mirror's Bracket, but it is a mindless Level.

Fabri is Made in Italy and Parenthesis is nice, and the price is reasonable and I recommend Screen!

Look at other people's comments
Although prepared and purchased,
It was pretty difficult....

Before struggling story, "In stock" Nevertheless, for two months for delivery
There was a problem with System...

Be amazed.

○ Installation time = 2 days.

Contents of hardship

first day - - The installation target was 30 minutes, but even 90 minutes it was useless = tired so next day..

Day 2 - - Feeling newly, when looking closely, the position of the hole was Deta Lame.

In the Instruction Manual, "Hold the Screen top with your hand, while putting a little effort"

further, "While paralleling the mounting surface between Screen and the car body Bolt side"

Although attention points are written, with the momentum to break, even if you align the holes, it will not enter!

I went by two people, but it was impossible to concurrently!

I can only think that the design drawing at the production stage is incorrect!

It is not good unless you forcibly insert Bolt,

Three of the car body side Screw holes in four places, and the mountain of Screw attached collapsed!

Somehow, with oil and File Cliff, holes and Screw restored.

I tried it about 10 times but it was impossible..

As others have commented on, more than 1 cm is Gap!

In Screen's 4 places, cut the hole about twice as much as the original, finally installed!

After installation, somewhere in Screen seems to hit Front mask

I can not bear it smoothly!

A bad point - - - As stated above, installation is hard and absolute design mistake!

Good point - - Because Windshield is long both vertically and horizontally, windproof effect is absolutely Large!

○ Effect on driving - - - Actually, opening the Helmet shield does not feel the wind!
(160 cm tall) (In the past, the wind was hit hard enough to breathe... )

○ Cost surface - - - Approximately 13,000 yen is cheap, but it is a feeling that it is expensive as it was hard to install.

○ Strength surface - - - Because the strength has decreased by expanding the hole, it may be broken in 3 to 4 years...

〇 Do you recommend to others? - - - I think that it is better not to buy.

For ordinary people, I can not install easily, I get Shock,
It's a waste of time.

But, I have been able to use it for 3 to 4 years, things with better shape than this

If not,
I think I will purchase it again.

It took a while from the order, but it was more than expected and quality and effect
Design is also beautiful, not a distinctive with Stages that is common in the Double Bubble Type, it is a feeling that is blended into Ducati's design
I am glad I chose Fabri

Removal at the time of Valve replacement, broken by mounting.
It was a lifetime of 2 months.
That's too bad.
Polycarbonate's OEMLong seems to be better.
There is no choice..

It is an impression that I purchased Black and attached it.
Without feeling the rugged feeling that I attached Aftermarket parts without breaking the unique appearance of Z1000, it comes with a very natural feeling and it feels nice and Parenthesis has improved
Since the Instruction Manual is all in English Version notation, although it was fixed while shooting pictures, I think that it is Large durable unless it's a clumsy person.
Also, since it is hard to put Bush of Rubber in Screen, I entered it with ease when I apply a very small amount of oil to Rubber Bush.