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really good!!! but too tite on tire so i'll buy bracket 타이어 큰거끼우실분들은 브라켓 같이 주문하시고 장착할때 엄청 꽉조여야 합니다 순정타이어엔 아주 잘맞습니다. 던롭k180용이라는데 너무 타이트할거같네요 Really good !!! But too tite on tire so i'll buy bracket If you have a big tire, you can order it as a bracket. It must be tight when fastened. Genuine tire fits very well. It's for the Dunlop k180. Sounds to be too tight. (translated by Google Translator)

item are in very good condition. very fast delivery and very cheap. I will recommend this website to my friends. I will look for other item more often to this site.

OEM's Front fender cracked in case of falling, I thought it would be anything, I tried replacing it with Aluminum's one.

I think that appearance is a matter of taste.

Even if this Fender falls it was just bent, I could almost return to the original form by hand (Lol)

Stone etc. A high sound is heard when you get involved.

Because it is Aluminum, care is more strange than OEM.

To install it it takes a little time because I felt it difficult to remove Front tire with Wheel or pull the air out of Tire and do it to Petchanko.

Great little fender that went on my my little honda GB 250 cafe racer.Bit pricey but shipping was fast (even to australia). I would buy from web bike again.

It was fresh in z1 of the Tank of an Aluminum basis material.Tank cap.As one of the changing-clothes Itemses, although a fuel cock is also easy to be settled and it is big-ticket, it wants.It is whether he is smart, when there is also no sense of incongruity of the straddled touch, and the rest will be made stinking if possible in the 70s with a Spoke wheel and it rides on a Separate handle.

Although the Stretch tank was purchased in medieval times, the Rubber packing deteriorated like [ on the left-hand side of a picture ], and since the Gasoline oozed out, it purchased. Since
Tank Manufacturer was unknown, pains were taken to find the suiting Cap, but since the size of details was displayed, it was able to purchase in comfort here.
The Key lock also became possible [ without a Gasoline spreading now ].

Individually, I think that a price is a little high.

Although a change (Cook of 4L cannot be used)
TL sheet (Type inserted in the Tank rear) can also use an Aluminum Tank with a Reserve also in a purchase ?

Cook and the actual condition is satisfactory, since a fuel cock hits in a Normal tank in case of the Big cab of the left 出し ... It is high!

It was smallish than expected.
It is ~ whether it became helpful when there was a picture actually put on CB400SS.
Attachment time was only 1 hour.
It became an astringent motorcycle when actually attached.