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Mainly commuting and shopping in neighborhood etc. In NORMAL it is quiet and dangerous so I bought it to inform you of the existence.
The sound is slightly Large, but I feel relieved to commute etc etc. I can.

When commuting, Normal muffler is hard to notice of cars, and after changing it feels a little better.

The deciding factor
Price and domestic handmade. Although I heard it for the first time Manufacturer, I feel the merit of the craftsmen's skill.

Sound quality was somewhat different from Image, but I think that it is a passing score within myself.

At the start, I use a little care but I do not think it is a bomb sound.

I have not taken a good picture yet, so I will update it later.

Because I was torn away and Mirror broke so I did not want to put too much gold so buy it for a price. But it is still a price. I was worried whether Screw attached was also rough and attached at the beginning with Limength's length, but there was once Large durable there. Visibility is not very good. It was a bit of a failure..

I pasted the LED Tape on the back of the VTR 250 Frame and thought that I wanted to illuminate around the Engine, so I found this product so I bought it cheaply and bought it.

Actually, add a Switch to Handlebar and turn it on Switch / I want to be able to turn it off, but as it is troublesome to think about the process of Wiring, I take the power from Fuse as soon as possible and turn on the key On.

Because it was cheap, I was wondering whether there was lighting defect, lack of light intensity, disconnection, but after about two months passed, it does not have any problem. Because it rides by commuting it may be struck by rain, but Large seems to be durable.

It is this price, and I think whether it is better to try purchasing for those who are interested.

Just Double-sided Tape is weak in adhesive strength? It seems better to paste double-sided tape with additional adhesive strength.

I couldn’t wait for my exhaust, it took longer than expected but it didn’t matter once I installed this baby. The install was a breeze! No special tools needed. I didn’t even need a bike rack for extra elevation. Just bolt off and bolt on. Install was less than an hour. As soon as I turned my bike on, the sound was not too loud, but you could hear the power behind it. Performance wise, it got me quicker off the line and at it gave me the most improvement at full throttle from 45mph to 60mph. Love it.

Scooter and Car wearing a gimmick on gimmicks occasionally in the city (^-^;) With a little flashy Dana?
If you are yourself, I want to try at one point casually like I do not notice much, I purchased it with playfulness.
Easy to install with Small student Level, even if you do not like it easily, even if you do not like it, it is easy to relax and feel comfortable.
Length can also be used after being cut to the necessary Length (Illuminate properly)
The disadvantage is that the adhesiveness of the Seal part to be pasted is weak, so I reinforced with SEROWTape like I do not know.
Its 2 Wiring is slim! It has polarity and requires confirmation! Since the code is transparent and transparent, there is color coding of Black, so it will be a guide!
Well, it's an interesting toy to play with a bit of fun d (^-^)

The reason I bought this product this time was the abrasion near the Joint ball of B company classic Mirror of T company I was using
Small design of Design is lightly wanted because the direction changes by wind pressure due to looseness,
Looking at other similar items etc, I purchased it thought that I tried to select things that are cheap and no Impression.

According to the result, quality may be worse than cheaper products.
Firstly, the hole of BoltScrew is already filled with BALI, and Screw does not go through
Like a picture BALI and unevenness finish like damaging all Design.

Even though I thought that it was such a thing because I was prepared at the price from the beginning and purchased it from the beginning, this time was beyond expectation
This time, I purchased it with the importance of design I want, so it is not satisfying because I am watching it as a consumable item "Well good" It is degree.

Practically it is not bad within the range adjusted while looking at Rear etc on the road.
People who do not mind small things are good.

It became useless in several hours after installation.
As for the exchange with the guarantee, first of all after sending the malfunctioning goods, with inspections, during that time do not ride Motorcycle?
I was deeply aware that I had to purchase it at a real store again.