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I have acquired the right mirror of the company BIKE IT. Since the mirror on my Suzuki GSF 1200S motorcycle broke while I was going, I decided to buy a new one. After a long search, I found a good replacement for the original mirror. The view in this mirror is excellent, the picture behind is not distorted. Done well. Recommend .

Substantially the posted image. Just a little decky etc. Not suitable for wearing?

Although it feels pretty well reproduced, there is a place where durability seems to be slightly weaker compared to Honda.

Purchased at the same time as YZF - R1, there is thickness compared with that and it is acceptable tolerable range

Origrally attached Headlight Plating is floating and rust comes out
Purchased because the optical axis was a deta Lame.
The optical axis comes out, I do not know the original state
This Headlight is Hi when I concentrate so hard, so when I run
I might not be able to see the surroundings.
I used LED Light so it was hard to install
It's quite difficult because Light does not fit in Light Cover
Funny thinking Original Headlight (1KT) When
When comparing, the depth of Reflector is more than 1 KT
Couplers behind the LED Bulb fans
Therefore, Couplers and others go out of Light Cover ...
Although I managed to fit in as 1KT Headlight
Just a slight difference in depth makes it hard to install ...
If Valve is not a type that can adjust the angle, perhaps the optical axis is
It may be opposite to Japan.

The accuracy of Light rim is bad
Plating's BALI is terrible
To buy 5000 yen and buy is a troublesome Level
Headlight Bulb can use H4
BALI go out and it has to be scraped off
Position ball becomes T10
It is absolutely essential to take BALI
Is Reflector like iron and thin?
Where the Reflector welds are dented
I will rust soon
I do not know because the optical axis is not attached yet
Honestly It is better to repair OEMHeadlight !!
It was a humanitarian report!

First of all, it can not be installed in TS50 HUSTLER. Sense It is too bad I do not remember ordering prprCandy !! Why do I send things that do not match Bolt size !!
Well, I will never use it again Because there is no need for Gold ? ? ? I do not want to be involved with something like a mai kz

Quality is not good compared to OEM. Perhaps it would be wise to discipline as much as price as such. I wish I had not bought it.. Making is slippery..