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Bike-Tower adalah standar paddock tengah untuk sepeda motor yang mudah digunakan dan terbuat dari bahan-bahan kualitas terbaik di Jerman. Sistem pegunci otomatis memastikan keamanan dan kemudahaan dalam pemakaian produk. Standar paddock tengah Bike-Tower dilapisi dua warna cat dan bagian penghubung seperti mounting pin dan gagang standar paddock terbuat dari stainless steel.

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Parallel imported.
If you buy MotorcycleTower wheels are expensive, but let's buy it.

I referred to the impression of another car model.
No instruction manual.
In the case of GSXR 1000 L 2 - L 6, Engine Holder? Is doubled so let me relieve it and let's install the adapter.
Next, loosen the plate, after the connection, totally tighten.

Also, when thinking that it is heavy to raise, should I adjust the raising width?
I adjusted it so that the front wheels will rise.

I still have my bride help me when I hang and hang it.

How does it compare with Maintenace Stand before + after?
Small storage size will probably be.
It is an advantage to be able to remove Fork and Rear arm.

It is handy, it is handy, although a little value is stretched exclusively for the car type. Here it is easy to move even in the state where Wheel and Fork are removed so it is convenient for Large change. You can also remove Rear suspension with this one unit. After Lift up Handlebar also Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Be free. Since it can be moved as it is in the state waiting for parts, other work can be done, Large variable efficiency. recommend. If the car model changes, you can buy Adapter less than 20,000 and you can use again. To watch out, Roller's foot has an optional Pattern.