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Bike-Lift menawarkan standar paddock berkualitas tinggi yang mudah digunakan buatan Italia.

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Sound and styling are the highest!

It is good.

Without a Power tip, it was overtaken, and it was both poor acceleration speed and poor
When I tried this, Time was able to shrink more than 1 second at Suzuka TWIN and Spa Nishiura.

I also tried NORMALECU and USECU, but I did Powerup without problems.

The disappointing thing is that it can not be missed if it is an OEMBaffle, although it will come out if it is p1 - x, but the sound is Large.
After that it was for Pannier correspondence, but since Bracket was for STD, it was bent by hand and installed.
OEMBaffle 89 ~ 90 at the rotation speed at the time of inspection for reference. 6 db at p 1 - x 95. 5 to 96. It was 3 db.
Again, the agent's correspondence is quite good so it's safe.

KATANA obtained at a young age. Even though the years passed, the body shape changed without changing the Motorcycle, the forward tilting posture became tight. Up Handlebar is unexpected. I reached the 3D Handlebar according to my Image.
Motorcycle has passed for 27 years, OEM Parts Number also began to stand out. This Handlebar will also be stocked in the Large thing until Trouble occurs in the current item.

My favorite car, GSX 1100 S KATANA, is a tough forward mock Motorcycle. The rider also passed the age of fifty age, and when I was young I changed my body shape. It is this Handlebar Set that we arrived at a long distance and burdened the arms and I managed to find out what it would be.. I did not expect to make Up Handlebar, so I chose this 3DHandlebar to maintain a form close to De Kill Dake NORMAL.

2017 ZX-14R H. G It attached to.

It was Slip-on Silencer which can be convinced to some extent by deducting it although it took only three turns and it took time to reach the purchase.

I think the item itself is also light and helps to lighter the body. I felt how the appearance of the Black series looked like, but Design was also Material : Carbon Style is unique and shiny and conspicuous. (Although the Silver Series compromised with a missing item, .... )

Although it is an exhaust sound, I think that the sound quality is not bad though it is Large as it is.
It is wearing a polon, but since there is no After, there is no ska even at low speed so it is a look at Normal computer.

Since the vehicle is still in the break-in stage, is it inconvenient if it introduces the Sub computer?

Center StandStopper was also included, but because the adjustment range was not so much and Center Stand hit Left Side Pipe, we secured Clearance by biting a 5 mm Rubber in the included Stopper.

Installation time is 40 minutes for amateur work. Since there is no Instruction Manual, it is working time while checking. I think that those who are becoming can be assembled more quickly.

If you can purchase at Sale, Two Brothers is a product of Recommendation.

I bought the M2 Exhaust System of TBR, but I heard that the bass is working and it sounds good, but I bought this Baffle because the sound is Large..
Volume really drops but the quality of exhaust sound changes and slightly higher pop plosive sounds now become mixed.
Moreover, the elongation of high rotation still falls again.
It is not a translation in Circuit, so it seems that this area is a compromise.
It is a simple structure and I appreciate it if you can make it a bit cheaper.