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Blackbird Racing

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OEM's Clutch cover rubs with Boots and paint baldly on spots. The appearance will change when you paste it. It becomes Accent and it seems to be tightened. Grasping ability of Boots increases by surface processing. There is no worry that peeling off easily if it is powerful and it is also nori. It is Performance over price. Because I'm in trouble if it comes out of stock, I bought two, but from the impression I used it seems to have durability, so it seems to be considerably ahead.

It is a 98 year model and a car, Clutch Te Cover I purchased it for the reason because there is no Spare when it is damaged. I was able to reduce damaged Risk as much as possible and Accent attached to the color around the Engine by manufacturer Logo, will you upgrade the feeling about 2%?

With holes in OEMSeat
As long as you get on, the caudades and prostate become so painful that it is a replacement for doubling

Inexpensive, nice, cool design "only this one!" I liked it with a feeling and purchased it.

Because there is not exclusive use for DR 250 R so it can not be helped alone
The Seat cover dedicated to the DR350R is attached to the DR250R
(Please note that the length is not enough for the DR 250 R!)

Design is good, but it is thin compared to the hands of DimpleSeat and OEMSeat
Hole in the part stopped with Tucker will come out, Print of character is too weak.

However, since it is an installation of an amateur that makes wrinkles, it is for reference.

The quality of the OEM is high, Fit feeling, thickness and strength of the fabric, Printetc. it's the best.

I purchased because I wanted to add Accent to the Black Wheel of Africa Twin. Product is thick but flexible as well, even if I am not good at this kind of work, I was able to paste easily unexpectedly. The point that I want to pay attention to on handling is that the adhesive strength of the Sticker is strong and as I try to paste it again, the Print part will come off beforehand, so I think that it is good to position it closely after positioning.

Sticker used for RMZ system, but I used it for DRZ.
Some processing (Cut out part that protruded) I do, but it's pretty cool if I do it.

If there is a problem, since it is a vehicle with Meter cable, how to cut that part. That's all.

In addition, although Large is not sufficient in part, if there is even the color of Fork Guard, it seems to be uncomfortable.

The set of Graphic and Seat is satisfying for this price!
Cut of Graphic is also perfect at the same Level as OEM and Grip is a good material for Seat.

It is more profitable than buying separately, design has a sense of unity and the goodness of HusabergTE 125's Parenthesis has further improved.
It was too conspicuous in the Race venue, so it was kind of embarrassing to me that I am still lacking in skill and lack (Lol)

Paste on HusabergTE 125.
It combines Number PlateSpace and body protection when entering Enduro race.
Because it is a Minor car type, it is saved just by being in Lineup.

Since it is thick, it is required to paste carefully where to bend, but the protection performance is high correspondingly, and it did not tear on about a little falling.
Cut was also kitchen and it was able to use it like OEM.

I'm enjoying playing Betta Beta Betta.
I am selling it is an off-road type Manufacturer, so it is MOTOREX or GAERNE, so I like it.
The point that I felt as if it is different from other Manufacturer's Sticker is
It's pretty thin. However, since the adhesive strength is also sufficient, Ink does not fall, so it is amazing.