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BLASTMANIA khusus menyediakan bodywork untuk skuter maxi. BLASTMANIA didirikan oleh Yokohama Lining, perusahaan yang memodifikasi motor cruiser. BLASTMANIA menawarkan fairing dan spakbor dengan tampilan yang unik.

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The price is cheap and Ideal for Imechen. Matching with OEM Product is satisfied rightly for installation.
Purchase for Old Commuter Use. The fit when making and mounting is not good, but I recommend it because it is a usable Level.

I installed it in Kawasaki 350 SS.
Since I had leaked the outside Cook that I had used before for 2 years, I avoided the same thing and made it to PinGel.

Installation is easy on the Tank side (Adapter and Seal tape are required separately) , But a little devising handling of Hose on the carburetor side.

The profound feeling and texture are as expected.

Because Triple out has no reserve, it seems better to carry a small carrying can.

I expect it to have high durability.

Since Normal cook interfered with TMR, exchange

In addition, I tried Offset before but maybe it was not necessary.
In order to attach PinGel's Cook to GPZ, you need something Plate so purchase with Set
Making it is tolerable ... ... It is absolutely necessary things so it's a little cheap and I appreciate it. Is not it okay to set it?.

Since Normal cook interferes with carburetor, exchange
Satisfied with shape and quality

If you dare to raise a bad point ... Because the position of the Reserve is in the middle, the alignment is rough and makes it difficult to use.
Would it be better if there was a thing like Notch at each position.

movies "Harley-Davidson & Marlboro man" It was this that I was quitting on the OP.
I was moved in a strange place.

I installed it in the SR. External carburetor, Bore up vehicles OEMCook does not have the fuel falling Speed ??so I will recommend the exchange. The lightness of Lever when switching to Reserve is also attractive!

Very well made fuel tap and easy to install. However the fuel tap lever is very loose which I'm not used to it and you will need to shut it off if bike is not running. One downside is that because the lever is very loose, it is very easy to accidentally move to a different position such as to off or reserved position. You will need the mounting plate which is from Pingel as well for a Suzuki Katana bike. This is a 4000 series model and works fine with my bike. Would I recommend people to buy it? Definitely!!!

PINGELPinGel : Single Out High Flow Fuel Cock 1 / 4NPT with Reserve(http : / / www. webike. net / sd / 21354242 / I bought it to install.
First I bought a product without Offset but because Cook interferes with Carburetor heat guard, the item I bought again will be here.
Offset was created on the Tail side and there was no interference and Fuel Cock was able to be used properly from RES to ON.

PINGELPinGel : Single Out High Flow Fuel Cock 1 / 4NPT with Reserve
http : / / www. webike. net / sd / 21354242 /

I purchased it at the same time and attached it to the GSX 1100S.
Carburetor on CR33 This Plate and PinGel combination can be installed without problem.

Compared to NORMAL, switching between ON and OFF Cooks has become easier but the impression is that the performance does not change at all.
In principle, the flow rate of Gasoline may become faster, but ,,,,