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However, - We also need to look at the exhaust system at the same time
Adjustment is easy with Dial formula
Installation is a little troublesome, I am using High Camshaft + outside company Exhaust System + outside air cleaner, but the feeling of Torque has increased

About two weeks of installation I still do not understand well.
Instruction Manual is difficult to understand and can not be used.
I think that it is easier if you attach Wiring diagram to Illustration, but Black is somewhat lost in photography Print that was crushed.
I am worried because it is non waterproof. In fact it suffered with sudden rain. Because it got wet after that? Although the display ceased to appear, now it seems to be normal.

I exchanged Exhaust System to Wyvern, but AfterFire was not NORMAL
Since it happens occasionally, I purchased it using Point.
I think that it will duplicate everyone's impressions, but installation is the impression of the initial setting.
1. I think that the price is a bit expensive, but I think that it is reasonable for ability.
2. For AfterFire, the incidence has declined considerably, but from the middle speed region
Downshift still occurs.
(I think that it will be adjusted in the future, will not it completely disappear?
3. Response of low speed → medium speed was improved to the extent that I was able to feel change even by amateur me.
(It seems that the sound of the Exhaust System also goes out to a good feeling)
4. Because it is not waterproof, I installed it with a Holder for a smartphone like a photo.
Size is exactly the same as Aiphone 6 Size. But Holder of this Size
I think that it will be gone soon, so if possible possible with Manufacturer 's Option
I think that it can be sold together.
Because it does not correspond to the current smart Size, I sell it for sale at Shop.
Those who are considering purchasing, I think whether you can purchase Holder.
5. Ignition connection of W800 is Right Side under Tank.
It is only necessary to remove the Tank, but if it is staggered and connected, it is narrow so connect
It is convenient to have a radiance pen.
6. Installation is dedicated Harness so it can be installed in about 1 hour.

Overall, it is absolutely recommended that you install it when you replace the Full Exhaust System.
Those who are lost for purchase at the price, time will not wait. Let's install!

Is it postscript?.
On HP, i-CON MINI is newly sold and cheaper than i-CON 3,
As a result of contacting BLR, I heard that it is used in conjunction with i-CON 3.
It seems to be added to i-CON 3 equipped car.
The high price i-CON 3 seems to be a set item containing i-CON MINI.

Used for '08 KLX 250.
When exhaust system was exchanged, I was concerned about Setting Gap and purchased it without touching.
(⌒-⌒;) (sweat)
In the case of Carburetor Vehicles, it took time and labor to repeat Jet exchange after Rose to Jet exchanging, traveling when traveling, but this item was "Buttery" with the number and " Just putting in can change the setting, is very convenient !? (?????) ?
With Carburetor Vehicles, the work of one day was able to set the Large body in only 3-40 minutes. (??????) ? ヨシ!
However, because it is not Waterproof Specification, I put it in a Vinyl bag and put it in a Tail bag and use it ... (^ ◇ ^;)w
Although it is an expensive substitute, I felt it was worth the installation! (^。^) ♪
Fi car is also not things thrown away ~?
Recommendation! (≧ ∇ ≦)

Since the fire did not match after MORIWAKISilencer, I asked for installation and setting at Blue light RACING 's Events.
PowerCheck result is +0. 3ps +0. If 1 kg and 250 cc feel like this.
What surprised was the change in Driverability.
Since it was Injection, I did not feel any particular problem, but Torque's connection was good in the full revolution area after Setting, and taking out of Traction became Smooth.
As a result, excellent stability can be felt because the traction is firmly obtained on the rear wheels with a scene that banks especially at low speed.
Again Motorcycle's motility / I realized that Traction has a big impact on stability.
Although it becomes high shopping, setting of PRO is Recommendation when attaching Sub computer.

I installed it along with the replacement of the exhaust system of D-TRACKER 125. I ran about 5000 km in about two years. One day, when trying to depart from the house, the FI abnormality lights up, the Engine has stopped running. It is considerably troubled, I decided to switch this controller regularly.
The batch was started when changing. The status of the installation was wrapped in Vinyl as shown in the picture, closed with Tape and paid to the tool Back. I think that it is a product in terms of quality.

Since this coupler of Motorcycle is Large enough, it is in a state where Limit can fit within Cowl if you replace it.
There is no problem mounting, but setting is Large strange, I think that those who can be patient can enjoy it.
Slip-on Silencer has a hole of 47 diameters, so TWIN sometimes sometimes called Pampang Ponpon and Throttle closed
Half throttle, I bought it because it was lively, but enclosed Data is useless for Normal muffler setting, at the very least I want the Reference Data such as Large Hand Manufacturer, it will be a clue. I am dissatisfied with the taste of sunny weather because the color of the liquid crystal is insufficient and the color is bad.
Expensive items (Because it can not sell to Large amount) So there are plenty of room for improvement such as waterproof of Body and code Coupler, PC connection by USB. For the moment the sound was almost solved, but the ease of riding etc was improved, but it is not a product that expects a power up.

This time, BLRBlueLIGHTNINGRACING i-CON MINI Injection controller Coupler on type
It takes about 10 minutes to install Coupler on type so just insert it and it's very easy.
The manual was also Large and strange.
Although the price is considerably higher than the Wiring interrupt type, it is safe because there is no worry such as Wiring mistake or contact failure.
Because it is Light tune, the setting is 7 CO value is 2 so far I am in good condition.