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Since I changed the size of Rear tire to 120,
I exchanged with Rear's Spacer and Set.
Until then, Rear tire hit Chain

Blue point Know the business outage, buy Spare items quickly.

I hope to get out of others in the future, but one-off production if it is not!

Wide tire (120) Because it is indispensable for wearing..

I am using it for 3MA, but I am using it with 2XT. It can be mounted without machining.
Whereas OEM is a casting, this product is Cut-out of 2017 material, so you can expect durability.
Although it is running about 1000 km after installation, there is no wear.
It is a small part, but it is a very important part for driving. Since OEM Product is already out of print, it was inevitable when a problem occurred in its own vehicle, but thanks to this product, it became possible to continue riding a perfect car, which was saved.

Though it is for 3MA, it was diverted to 2XT. Since it is the same Size, it can be used without machining.
"lightweight" As a result, compared with the TKRJ made OEM equivalent product on hand, the difference was 2 g.
Little friction is clearly felt at incorporation.
Running about 4000 km after installation, when disassembled and inspected, peeling was seen in Coating of DLC.
When I touched, I decided to stop using it because there was a clear feeling of unevenness.
Is it such as a competition exclusive item.

As Jet gets Smaller the number Smaller the Size of the hole
The OEM's number is every 2nd to 3rd regardless of Large.
If it becomes less than 35, accurate setting can not be done every 2nd
Case comes out. In Manufacturer here, Small number is the first step
Large I transform it..
The corner was rounded by Jet's surface treatment, but it was an effect as per the feeling number used.
The price is also cheap and it is Recommendation for Setting.

I bought Headlight as HID and Blinker bulb to reduce Battery's burden for NORMAL.
Impression after installation
Since Valve's light emission is straight, it does not reflect on Reflector. So, with regard to Front, if you were in front of the car body, you can check Blinker, but it will be hard to understand if it shifts a little. The worst is Rear. If it is right beside the Rear blinker it will clearly know the blinking but since the back of the car almost does not reflect on Reflector, I think that the following car is hard to understand when it is bright during the daytime.
Since it is dangerous, I will return it to the original Normal valve.

Used in KSR 110 RearOffsetSprocket.

No precision, no building to say.
Just a price - - -.
I think that it is easy to buy a little cheaper.

If KSR 110 OffsetSprocket it is only this is good.
External Wheel & Tire After changing Hain into Chain! (Crying)
I will patch it when I exchange it..
Building, accuracy, is good together.