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I changed to 2018 CB 400 SB and it was in a position where it can not be used if Helmet holder is intact, so I bought it as an aid for that.

It fits Exactly to the Ring of ARAI's RX-7X.
The feeling of use is a bit shorter, so you need to lock it a little bit while supporting Helmet on your knees.
If I get used to it, is Large durable?.

If it was too long, it seemed that it would hang down with da RAN, so it was good with this Length.
I think the texture is good.
Carabiner may be a bit tired (May be okay)

As a general review, it finally gets locked with peace of mind, so it's nice ☆
Because other people have written the dimensions, I think that if you do match it you will buy it and there will be no loss ~

YZF-R6 When I heard that Helmet lock is not attached when delivering car,.
Helmet placed on Tank or hung on Mirror, but when you leave Motorcycle it will carry Helmet with you so purchase with Racing hook.
I confirmed things that can be tightened with Racing hook in advance, so I could install without difficulty.

Maybe only you, Helmet (ARAI RX7) It's too narrow to catch on to DRing so it's hard to do.
Helmet Lock It is useless if there is something like Assist, but it may weaken on crime prevention.

I am out of various Manufacturers, but I bought it for a new product
oh dear. Is it a self-sufficiency world?
Originally, OEM is installed, but it is hard to use.

For installation, when combining with the Bar End being used, in-kind matching is necessary.
I combined with Active Universal Bar End, so M6 Length 90 mm Bolt was necessary.
Because it is an uncharacteristic Size, I had a hard time finding it.
Naturally, in order to attach to Brake, Clutch, Quantity : 2pc. I have to buy Set.

Because it is made along the line of Cowl it looks awesome! I removed Tandem Footpeg so I purchased and installed 8M Nut & Washer at nearby Home center. The keyhole is downwards so user friendliness is a little bad but it is best if it looks from a person who is Large thing. I can feel the love of the creator of BABYFACE.

I did not like placing Helmet on Seat or hanging on Mirror.
Always put Helmet on the ground when you are with you.
Various from each Manufacturer, but it is appealing with new products

Purchased as Custom parts, the results are pretty noticeable, practicality can not escape unless you use a tool to overcome Pin, so it looks Custom (Lol)