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Along with Small Type of Light, I bought it because I wanted to refresh around Meter. I can use it as OEM's Connector, and with Neutral lamp became the deciding factor of purchase. Forgetful myself, I want you to attach Blinker's Indicator Lamp ... Also, I hope the price will be a little cheaper ...
I am very satisfied with the attached atmosphere.

It was combined with Shims Craft's M Type Exhaust pipe but used in conjunction with Shims Craft's M Type Exhaust pipe for 3 GW
Pipe length and Exhaust System Because the capacity is solid, Torque is already thick from the time of Clutch meat from the other company's Short Megaphone which says high performance, and the way in which the rotation rises also became fast with Smooth
I think that volume is also Custom Exhaust, it is a relatively quiet person
It is a low-eyed sound, not an ear-tearing bursting sound
Even though I looked at the sound quality, sound quality, performance, I thought it was a very good product

aKit includes exactly the seat, springs and mounting brackets. After installing there is a need to invent some battery cover :-) The seat is very wide, looks good according to frame size. Rider's position is good, comfortably to sit. Washers in spring mounting is very small and poor, thicker and wider washers is required to install spring securely. This item is made of high quality Leather, it gives an unique antique look to the bike.

Small Sakuraku Stylish, Black It is satisfied with chic.
I think that it is a valuable option of electric type Meter.
* In the picture, Cap of Separate handle is slightly covered by Meter, but wearing has been alleviated after exchanging Cap.

When I could not find my favorite Handlebar, I happened to find a nice TR in Homepage of Bo Trap and checked it, so I decided to make a decision because it was a Handlebar I bought this time. Because the wires are also OK at OEM, the exchange was really easy.

Initially, I wanted to grab a handle in a way up high to the air. So I was thinking of either a killer's bar or a "demon" handle.

However, one day when riding, I saw an old man driving a sport star 883.
Immediately, I thought that this is the one I want. So, I began to check what it was in various materials.

As for riding form, I with a height of 175 cm straddle Kawasaki 250TR. And the arms come lower down from the level.

I bought a motorbike for the first time in the last 20 years. I am so happy!!I am riding it with explosive sound.

These are some of the pictures for you.

You can see it at the boat lap in Suginami-ku.

Great is every aspect, BUT: this order is only for ONE PIECE, not one pair!!! I have to buy another one, my goodness! I should have read more carefully this description or ask before I make this order! LOL!