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It is an ABS Plastic item of Carbon's appearance, which looked like Carbon, but I bought a willingness to buy because of this design nature and the goodness of making the details.

It was awesome to see! If you want greedy, it would have been better if you let your shape be able to hold the Rear brake line.

When attached with Fender Eliminator, it is pretty wonderful!

The product seems to be made from decent quality plastic and is molded to fit the front fender of the 2017 Suzuki SV650 ABS. Instructions included are in German and comes with 4 tiny snap-on fasteners which need to be drilled onto the fender. Not wanting to drill holes, I instead attached the mudguard using the 3 double sided-tape already attached to product, although I think that wouldn't suffice so I stuck more 3M double-sided tape for extra insurance. In hindsight, epoxy would've probably worked better. Time will tell if this thing holds. IMHO, this product is over-priced for what it is.

Thick Color : It is a firm build with UnpaintedABS. It is divided into two with Chain Guard. Although the attachment part of the Exhaust System side is Tie Wrap fastening to the Base of Double-sided Tape, it is easy to install firmly because it is easy to build. To install the Chain Guard remove the footpeg. Bolt On can be done to a degree that one hole has been expanded.
Since I can do work pattern painting free of charge, I bought without trouble, but if I ordinarily asked Kotetsu shop, it costs 10000 ~ 20000. Probably w

I'm debating if this fender is worth $200 when it barely covers up just a few inches above the swing arm. What happened to inner fenders that actully cover the tire??

I wanted to purchase it with the same product of 17 year NINJA1000, but because it was a complete sale notation, I bought it with daring, as it is possible to install it for Z1000.
As a result I was able to install it without any problem in mounting.
Body color and unified feeling comes out, it is good for the appearance Accent, and the OEM ratio also improves the function.
I am very satisfied..

I thought that the extension part and the parts that fill the mysterious hole of OEMInner fender were connected, but it was a separate part.
Installation Instruction Manual comes with, but in the Instruction Manual for Front, in addition, German ('? Ω ? `)

Since I can not use it, I will attach it by my own interpretation (ω - ´★)

It falls to FenderBattery case which was lowered and attached before
I bought a BodyStyle price is high but Design?
Although the design is slightly different from the photo
90% for Battery case
I installed three holes like Tie Wrap for installation.
Product is Material color.

I mounted it in S1000RR for 17 years.
Bolt position was also able to be mounted easily with high accuracy.
I feel more powerful than NORMAL and I like it with Race ish feeling.