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Purchase for Shikoku Touring. Nowadays there is a convenient thing called smartphone navigation, but there are places where radio waves do not enter in Touring, and there is a problem of revising the road traffic law, I think that it will be useful in the future.

The state of the road is stated, there is a recommended point. Now there are many things that can be done with Net, but there is also information that is not in the Net, and as you run while running the map you will remember the way you will be a memorable one. It is not a thing to see frequently, but it is still accompanied by Touring.

Those who are becoming presbyopic people with old people think that it is better to purchase R version B 5 version
I think that it failed especially especially when there is a necessary part in the spread part

It is wonderful as a touring map, but the A5 version is too small letters and it does not look even if you wear reading glasses.
I can not read it unless it is on Desk, in my case.

I will go to Long touring for a week from Tokyo to Tohoku, I bought a new one because the Tohoku Touring mapple I bought earlier was 2008 and old.
Needless to say, it is a map specialized for MotorcycleTouring, I decided this if I buy an analog map for Motorcycle.
In that case I wonder whether to make it unmarked or to R, but as Mugen and R do not change the content of the postings, portability and price (No mark) Take or see it (R) The difference is whether to take or not, I always select the Muji.
However, to Mapple with no mark "360 degree foldable PUR binding" Although it is being touched, it feels weak in return as compared with Mapple which was Ring binding before R appeared, so I feel that you want Ring binding as well as R as well.
In addition, though roads are newly established every year, I think that expenses are large when replacing Mapple in each region every year, and it will be cheaper to display the map with Smartphone or Tabrett in Cospa.

I bought Touring Maps R for the first time in 10 years with a return rider. At first I thought that it would be nice if I could go to the destination only with a smartphone navi, but since I would also like to enjoy the process to the destination as well, finding a touring point in a magazine made for a motorcycle, It is very convenient when assembling. Perhaps my presbyopia started entering me, I wonder if Maple R here will be better ... (Bitter smile) Also, prefectural agency or city at the end of the book - The index of the office is probably not very useful - - - Instead, if there are some scenery photographs with touring, I am excited, but how about Sh?bosha? - - - - ?

【What made you decide the purchase?】
I will go to Hokkaido Touring for the first time in 6 years and I had a 2009 version but it was rarely possible to go, so I updated it momentum.
【How was it actually used?】
Touring mapple, which Navigation used regularly, but you can watch the surroundings is still useful.
Navigation of the smartphone is also quite sophisticated, but in Hokkaido it was frequent outside of the area if au's specialized VoLTE model..
To Hokkaido's people are rape metamorphosis, but in the last 6 years the road conditions have improved considerably.
It was reflected that the length of the toll road was pretty long, so I could grasp the point where I can earn a distance easily.

The detailed map of the town has increased, and in 2009 edition it is light blue (Ocean) It was good that the information was increasing in the part.

"Double tone where the cover becomes BookMark" Although I did not spend much, I think improvement spirit is good.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
Nothing in particular

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
Nothing in particular

【Have you compared items?】
Nothing in particular

Recently Small letters are hard to see, so purchase here. It is better if there is a little Large yuan, but if you take it to Touring, this is the limit of Large, is it Ring? It's easy to see and spread.

Even though Net has various information, map which can be seen quickly when feeling turns is still useful.

The map is fun to be delusional alone by not going to Touring.