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Bonamici Racing

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Until we exchanged with this Handlebar, we had NEO FACTORY 's 6Inch, but as I was driving over a long distance the height was so low that my back was somewhat sore, so this time I made this CLASSIC FACTORY' s 8 Inch Saw.
The effect of 2Inch Up was reduced and the pain on the back was alleviated, the gaze became high and the driving became very easy and I am satisfied!

However, in the case of BOLT Shoulder Bag, Z-Bar (Robot handle) Up to 6Inch, Wire, BHose, Wiring can be exchanged as OEM but in order to make it 8 Inch only BHose and Wiring will not reach Wire in OEM, so we purchase KIJIMA's 70mm long Clutch and Throttle Wire separately it is necessary.

Incidentally, this time the replacement work is M. G. I asked Goods.

Although I purchased ClassicFACTORY's product for the first time, painting was also beautiful with firm making.
4. I got lost as 5-inches, but because there was no Yellow Lens 5. I tried to 5 inch.
Valve attached from the beginning is H4 55W / It is 60 W.
LED Bulb is also likely to enter the depth.

I like this form because I like it.

The person who installs only drills Cowl and stops with Screw, but since that Screw is not attached, one star deducted.

Since the thickness of Cowl etc can be assumed to a certain extent, it would be appreciated if you could have Screw of the appropriate length included. It is to make the price as it is.

I think Screws included in other company's products (It was a bit too long Screw in it, but it is better than not having Screw in the first place).

To lock "Gold tool" The shape is the worst making.

Usually not to lose key "Snap" And with a gold piece to lock it

This product does not lock the key "Loose Clip" I'm shaping it like

Once it passes through the key it gently becomes loose, after that the key comes down every time you open the case - - -

I think that Case's material is good

It is spoiled by a locking tool that locks.

I used it in Bar handle of CUB 90.
Wiring is 1 pc and there is no high beam. I fixed the Mirror 8 mm → 10 mm conversion adapter in the CUB Front carrier fixing hole. It works without problems with Body ground. I got lost as Clear Lens, but Yellow color is also nice.

The exhaust looks and sounds great. The fitment was perfect and really completes my Steed bobber. I highly recommend this company

A good point: Since the iris diaphragm angle did not almost have the Robot handle attached before, the burden had been placed on the palm, but it was good more than operativity considered, since this product has an iris diaphragm angle, the upper part of the body was raised and it operated.
An angle offensive above all is good! In the direction of Style serious consideration, it is recommended.
a bad point: I think that appearance will be carried out if processing of welding is beautiful to a slight degree.

Since it can unite with the Position
which sits down since there are two simultaneous purchase
(Under bracket is also purchased)
attachment Bolt holes to 250TR at the time of Solo-seat attachment, isn't it quite good? Since the Bolt which stops a
free and a Under bracket is not attached, he has to buy according to.

Since a mounting hole has only that of one thing in case of right although there is the above-mentioned Set thing, although carried out here, I want the Set of the
Bolt nut to be attached.