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The premium was made according to the rotor.
It contributes to a weight saving not a little.

The pure bolt of R1 was lightweight by the air type.
It contributes to a weight saving not a little.

This is very light. The bolt head is made very beautiful but the thread is not beautiful because the surface is not flat. Because the bolt is made of titanium, it is not scratched when tightened with a socket

The material of this bolt is very light and hard compared to other bolts. But I'm not satisfied with finishing because some of the surfaces are not smooth

brembo's Casting caliper turns to RACING !! ... .... Yuu is a big deal, but I think that the texture has definitely improved.
OEM's BridgeBolt was Torque so he was hesitant to exchange (Easy to tame) "Pakin" And, relaxed and loosened.
Tightening Torque was done at 25 K.

There is nothing, just Bolt,
Anyway it's a beautiful shade and perfect for Dress-up.

This product is only Bolt, Nut is not included,
You are going to divert what you are currently using.

It is a little expensive item, but it will be good for a change of pace.
I bought at Point. I wonder if I did not purchase it at actual expenses (Bitter smile)

01. Wallet has room
02. Point can afford
03. Somehow I want to customize somewhere

I think that it is a product of Recommendation for such people.

XRV 750 AFRICA TWIN 's Rear is a single disc so it is 1 pc used.
For Front is Double so Quantity : 1 Set of 2pcs. It's about twice the price setting.

It is for Front of XRV 750 AFRICA TWIN.
In the description of the product, 1 Set for 1 Vehicle,
Caliper 1 Set for 1 Vehicle ?, or Front is Double so Motorcycle 1 Set for 1 Vehicle ?,
Although it was uneasy, Motorcycle 1 Set for 1 Vehicle (Quantity : 2 pc) I was in.