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If you are, it is convenient in it being unexpected!

The purpose of buying this Sprocket cover is to buy and install Oil cooler of Boa Ace later. But my SR is equipped with Y's GEAR's Power Beam so I seemed to interfere with Power Beam's Bracket and Oil cooler so I gave up installing Oil cooler. Unlike NORMAL's Sprocket cover, it looked very refreshing, Sprocket and Chain were visible from the gap, and Parenthesis improved..

I installed it without removing Fuel Tank so I took time to tighten Bolt of Right Side. Feeling of Engine 's Ring seems to be getting lightly blown up. I think this Parts will demonstrate to us in the summer when the outside air temperature is high.

It is the only one in the SR area where there are many apparently only Parts, a serious Manufacturer developing functional parts.
It may be something you are asking why you are going to scrape away so far though it is a part that you can not see at all if attached.
Shift change is "Dramatically" It will be improved.
Even though NORMAL was not particularly dissatisfied, this can be operated with accuracy as high as Rear Sets for Ducati such as AERA.
Even if you attach it, no one notices it, so you can not do it, but you know someone who is groaned Parts.

During Idling, Acceleration, Constant Speed ??Running, Engine's Machine Noise has definitely become quiet. It took less than about an hour for the installation because there was a place where Banjo's orientation was adjustable and it was narrow and difficult to enter.. I feel good in quality but I'm satisfied with Large, but I think that it was good if the price was a little easier.

Although I did not understand the effect well in the urban area, I found out the difference clearly before traveling on the highway. Engine got to be light and well circle anyhow, there was no feeling of forcibly turning a 100 kilometer cruise on a highway, it became very easy. Acceleration is also good, price is affordable and Large is satisfied satisfied.. Installation was easy without removing Tank. Since NORMAL's Hose alone is not enough in length, we purchased TH 200 at the same time and cut it to about 8 cm and used it.

At the same time we installed Heat Radiation Fin of the 1st stage and the 2nd stage. Installation is easy, but it is regrettable that Torque of Nut tightening was not described in Instruction Manual. After installation, the high-pitched sound is mixed in Machine noise of the running Engine. I feel that comfortable vibrations have increased slightly. If you run on the same Route as usual the oil temperature is 5 to 10 degrees lower. I am looking forward to next summer..

Installation is easy. I run the same Route at the usual temperature and the oil temperature is 5 to 10 degrees lower. We installed Heat Radiation Fin attached to Cylinder head at the same time, so we can not identify which effect it is. What is mysterious is that the machine noise of the running engine after installation is a sharp sound. I understood well that there is a cooling effect, but because the price is high, Cospa made the star 3. It is regrettable that Torque is not stated in installation Instruction Manual. To