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It is used for commuting everyday, and it has been installed for many years with Tank's scratch prevention.
It's thick and the surface slides considerably.
* Jeans x, leather Pants ○

It is a convenient item when you want to add a favorite Tank Bag to the Bagster tank cover. If you can select Magic tape, there is nothing to say - - -.

A lot of capacity, design is also very good.
I searched for a variety of Side bags, but at this price capacity and design did not have any other favorite Bag.
However, Magic tapeQuantity fixing Bag : 2pc is thinner than that of other Manufacturer.
Still it is securely fixed, DRing (Material : Plastic) are attached around Bag so if you fix DRing with string or Wire as insurance, it is already safe.

Actually I'd like to purchase and purchase Tank Cover.....

Tank Cover which was in the color of the car body has no release
This product is a substitute.

Quantity of BAGSTER owned by this : 2pc. Set Back is attached,
We still have correspondence Bag so I would like to increase it.

With this we are no longer worried about Gap and falling while driving.

As I posted it waited 3 months after placing an order. Material is synthetic leather, but texture is good and Large is satisfied satisfied. Easy to install and hassle. I feel that the price is high due to Production to order, but it was nice excited because it looks like Tank's scratch prevention and gorgeous looks.

I am satisfied with Fitting making by car model. Tank Bag in Aluminum Tank No problem. Old MODEL is also Lineup and it is saved.
At first it seems tough, but I can gradually get along with it.

It is as per the description of the item.
Installation method etc etc. There is no Instruction Manual, but somehow it is possible to install.
Although it kept waiting quite well, it is a good product. It will be exclusive.
To luxury, I wish I could open and close the Tank even with Cover installed - - -
Since the favorite car frequently becomes Slant, the frequency of lifting Tank is very high compared to domestically produced cars.
It would be better to recognize it as covering each time you go out.

It takes time to pay the delivery fee. It took almost 2 months. No mounting problem, no feeling of use. Making is truly BugStar. I want the resurrection of Small eyes Bag's Lineup.