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BOYESEN dikenal berkat reed valve khusus sepeda motornya. Selain itu, BOYESEN juga menyediakan berbagai sparepart dan aksesoris untuk motor jenis motocross, trail, dan adventure.

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Did the pure lead valve also almost come as HETA?
It purchased by saying.
A price is Voi Seng truly, although stretched!
It makes firmly.
anyhow, a pure lead valve is removed -- until is extraordinary? It is alike, and since it is difficult, cautions are required.
Although it was also so to have removed six bolts, when drawing out a lead valve, the air cleaner side was obstructive and did not fall out easily.
At the time of attachment, careful cautions are needed in not attaching a crack etc.
Moreover, it is MAZUI, if it does not take out with a knife carefully also when taking out from a package.
Although it was the attached touch, startability became very good first! At the time between the colds, even if not having started if a chalk was not pulled did not pull, it started in 1-2 shots before.
Moreover, that it can blow going up is also racy.
Pickup nature became good.
Although a price is stretched, since it was effective, they are five stars!!

I feel Torque up compared to NORMAL until the middle speed range.
In the high revolution range LEAD is hard and it takes time to turn.
I think that it would be fine if I ran in Setting with Power band as the main item.

When I looked at the evaluation I bought it because it was only written about good things.
When installing and running, the low speed had become Torque fully. The departure was also much easier, and if you open Axel as usual, you can reach three digits in no time without using the power band ...
This is a wonderful product, but what about durability?
I hope that it is on par with OEM.
It took 3 hours to install because the 3XV is tough around the carburetor ...

Material : Changing from Plastic 's Power Lead, honesty I think Power Lead is enough. Strictly speaking, other people also wrote, but due to the difference in natural frequency, it is that the stupidity has decreased and the stupid revolution zone has fallen as it gently opened the governor in the low and medium speed range. Regarding Response, both are outstanding as they are two, both of which are high-speed areas Material : Because it is Plastic, there is no change.

I feel sticky even from the low speed range, I feel like it has become difficult to stall.
You can feel the difference in forest road etc. Also, when stalling on the ascent, it has been stalled up to now, since it came to work hard, restart (KICK is quite painful) Was it easier to go around?.
It seems that durability seems to be the same as OEM and price setting seems to be lowered, so I think that people who run in the forest road should try exchanging.

CRM250Rm is equipped.

The Response is good more certainly pure!

[Webike Monitor] Since it was cheap at that whose evaluation of a
in play was high, and Mr. ウェビック's Sale, it purchased. It attached to
CRM250AR. Like in play [ of you ], the Response of the inside low speed became somewhat good. When an Axel is opened, it is the touch to which acceleration became quick from former.
Although it was as expected in general, conversely, old mildness is lost and I feel that the engine sound became noisy a little for it. Although removing a carburetor and attaching a Power lead was completed somehow, the time of CRM250AR returning a carburetor was slightly serious. Like the
photograph, the instruction manual of two sheets and English was attached to this product by the Seal. Although the Seal was very glad, to me, I wanted the Japanese instruction manual. Before
attachment, the intention of taking a photograph has forgotten completely and became photography of the goods after attachment. I am sorry.

"It was used for PW50 for kids. It had become two sheets and it was somewhat softer than normal to the lead valve of one sheet of normal. In the case of PW50, a muffler and a carburetor are removed for attachment, but it can be done if you can do usual care and cleaning. At the time of exchange, you should prepare the gasket of an intake. Since the caliber (size of the hole of a rectangular head) of the intake-air position was small to normal, it was anxious about Voi Seng about the effect. After attachment, my son run in the course, but it did not change so much. Although I thought I can see the difference in the high rotation, it did not change so much in a time and rotational frequency, it is three stars."