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BP Yamatato (Bike Project Yamato) menawarkan berbagai sparepart dan aksesoris untuk motor model lama yang sudah tidak diproduksi lagi. Dengan sparepart dari BP Yamato, Anda dapat memperbaiki motor sekaligus meningkatkan performanya.

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It is a good product. Large I'm satisfied..
Until the details, it is a solid product.
A little more, if the price is cheap, it is more satisfying.

It is a part that I can not see because it is used in combination with Non-PenetratingGrip, but my friend says that Handlebar may be stable. I do not know well whether COSPA is good or bad. For non-PenetratingGrip there are few options and I chose this.

It attached to N'FZ1 08 domestic specification.
More than it saw by the catalogue, a design is large satisfaction in exactly FZ1.
Power up is realized all over the districts, without tone quality and Power that is like [ which stopped listening to music into riding involuntarily in the powerful yoshimura sound of a heavy low ] (smile) sacrificing an inside low speed.

It attached to N'FZ1 08 domestic specification.
Power up is realized all over the districts, without a design sacrificing an inside low speed also for 笙ェ tone quality which is large satisfaction in exactly, and Power who is like [ which stopped listening to music into riding involuntarily in the powerful yoshimura sound of a heavy low ] (smile) to FZ1, more than it saw by the catalogue (^o^)/

It is exchange from [Webike-monitor] PC20.
Since there is a difference of each vehicles too much about the engine performance or setting, it does not touch, but in a Dark color, appearance becomes tight, and is visible, and it can be immersed in the sense of superiority which the red of a top cap says has attached special parts (smile).
Since all accessories, such as a throttle holder, a wire, an inlet manifold, follow, a strongly troublesome thing also seldom has an inexpensive feeling.
If it is the person who had exchanged carburetors by himself, it is exchangeable in the twinkling of an eye.
Although there are a throttle holder and an opinion referred to as making it heavy although it is comfortable weight and custom parts, and doing what by beautiful anodized finishing, since there is also a thing which looks cheap conversely if too light, it is individually satisfactory.
Although there are probably few opportunities to probably attach, a funnel is also very beautiful finishing.
The box containing a main part or an accessory is also gorgeous, a yoshimura plate, a sticker, etc. of aluminum are contained, and it is a gorgeous addition.
Is the worried point saying if a description's being indicated a little in more detail and got?
a throttle holder is upside down in a throttle -- him -- since it stops moving at all when it constructs -- please turn a yoshimura mark up and attach it -- I think that it will be attached more to a smooth if it indicates.
It is as if the bolt which enters two kinds also has a carburetor side, the inlet manifold side, and a statement.
And I think that it will escape the anxiety of frame processing if an enclosed inlet manifold is made a variable type since there are many places which interfere in a frame from the time of TM24 although there is this [ no ] in saying to these goods.
Although I think whether to be unavoidable since it is the components for races ...
Since it is finishing with outer casing to a very sufficient main part as previously-mentioned, I think whether I may mention to a candidate the direction by which a specification change is carried out.
.... It is although the problem is a budget and becomes empty (smile).

Although neither of loudness changes to STD not much during - run during [Webike-monitor] idling, low-pitched sound is comfortable good touch.
Attachment does not have a difficult place in particular, either and muffler exchange also of awkward me was completed in the smooth.
The muffler of the yoshimura was also improved texture very much and it was a correct answer.

They are very highly complete goods.
I dare to think that in play is not needed.
Please feel.

Since it is dangerous if a motorcycle does not have presence although it is middle-aged Rider, the muffler is considered to be absolute necessity.
And when always examining a muffler from ancient times, it thinks focusing on a yoshimura.
although CB1100 is otherwise possessed -- too -- A yoshimura --, although the vehicles before that were hayabusas,
After all, although it is normal at the beginning although yoshimura --address is a commuting speciality, and it planned to have been with a second motorcycle, when passing through and carrying out, especially the presence to the car was in the eye required and dangerous repeatedly.
The point yoshimura called it texture, sound volume, and Brando, and has purchased what by touch as there is only Colet very much.
Moreover, since it is a little expensive in amount of money, it is [ ! which will be Colet if it comes with a suzuki, and ] ~ which was required also for concentration.