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Change from Tokico 6pot to NISSIN 6Pot, from Metallica to Project mu : Hyper carbonPad ? Because it changed to a reform, simple comparison is impossible, but the controllability has dramatically improved.

I did not vibrate at all like everyone said.
As expected, until Pad became familiar, it did not work and the scuffing sound called "shar" sounded quite a bit
As Pad became familiar, it became completely unnecessary.

Braking disc! The price is little high for me but the quality is better than the original part from manufacturer. I ordered this piece since last month. I have been waiting this part for A long time. This is a performance disc very recommended A+ Very recommended for a people who is looking for a real nice brake disc. *You just have to make sure it will fit on your scooter*

我的天浪650之前出车的时候摔了,使得刹车盘受损。。。后来在车友的推荐下在webike上看到有对应我这款车的刹车盘卖,果断入手回来使用,效果不错,换上了新的卡钳与它匹配刹车效果比原厂的更加线性,推荐用天浪的车友参考~ When I was out of the car before the Tianlang 650, I fell and the brake disc was damaged. . . Later, on the webike, I saw that there is a brake disc corresponding to my car on the webike. I decided to use it back and use it. The effect is good. I replaced it with a new caliper and it is more linear than the original one. Refer to the rider of Tianlang~(translated by Google Translator)

I used it for GTS 250ie. When searching for GTS, we did not Hit Hit and did not Hit very much, only with high Disc Rotor ... We studied variously at overseas site and it was compatible with Gilera RUNNER 125, it was uneasy because it was not written as conforming MODEL in GTS but in one shot I bought it.
When reaching and trying to open it was pasted for GTS and Label Lol Installation is perfect without problems. I think that this price is all right. As a precaution we recommend that Malossi made Pad be attached as well. Otherwise I will kick yourself and I can not help it. It is durable but OEM 3. Up to 5 mm, here is 3. Since it can be used up to 2 mm, it seems to be used longer than OEM.

Purchased because I bent an OEM disc

As OEM also currently makes about 11000 yen, on Wave Disc outside the company
I searched for things that are not cheap and made it.

I think that this is just exactly because appearance is not too flashy.

The price is also reasonable

Regarding the effectiveness of Brake, I changed it at the same time as Pad so I can not say anything, but I feel that it is not getting worse because I feel the same effect as before replacement.

Even if I looked at the photos of ManufacturerSite and other sites, there was only one of the notation of MAID IN ITALYI, but this time it was a thing of MAID IN TAIWAN. If the producing country has changed, I wanted that notation.
Small lack and there was BALI.

Front was first exchanged, but as Balance with Rear got worse, Rear also

I exchanged. Before and after Balance improved, Control became better.

It has been an evaluation that Bretting Rotor is good from long ago, but when you actually use it, OEM's

Rotor can not be used anymore. Pad will stay as OEM and will hear enough.

Next I think that Pad will try things other than OEM.

RotorQuantity : 1pc. It will be 400 g lighter.
Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) With 2 pieces, weight reduction under FrontSpring weight of 800 g can be felt clearly.