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Brass Balls Cycles

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Buy for Φ 220 and make it to Mukawa river Big Floating Disc
I use it in combination.
Because Mukawa's Disk size is Φ 225
Manufacturer Recommended disc It is not a diameter, but it was able to be installed easily.
The radial gap is not consequently Limit
It seems to be good not to scrape Pad.
I replaced Pad with DAYTONAGolden Pad at WaveRotor
I hear a sound in the early stages of braking.
I do not test the Pad included with Caliper so it sounds
It is unknown whether it does not go out.

I was satisfied with COSPA because I did not manufacture one-off
Manufacturer conformity Rotor Because it is not diameter, please be aware of that point..

Without an Instruction Manual
Once installed Handlebar Lock can not be tolerated.
Selling such products Is it good?
as soon as I threw it in the Garbage box.

It is a Parts whose performance does not quite understand to an amateur like me.
Making is well done and may look good as one point.

Caliper support for 320 mm disc has some choices, but for the 300 mm Disc of D TRAX X, I could only find this and K & T, so I chose this cheap price.
Although its shape is cool, it has almost no presence as it does not fit in the field of view.
But in combination with OEMCaliper there is no dissatisfaction because only Support will float outstandingly.
Accuracy is also good, more than one year after purchase, but there is not particularly trouble.
Those who are considering disc diversion of D tiger X are recommended because it is somewhat cheaper to buy this and disc separately than those sold in Kit.

Steel's Torque rod of OEM tried to replace because the paint was scratched and dirty due to rust. I am happy because it is lighter than the OEM because it has a beautiful cutting process and the finish of Anodized is glossy. By the way, in my case, when I installed it properly, the Rubber cover covering the previous Bolt interfered with the Exhaust System and it seemed to melt so I attached it to the reverse side.
I hope the price is a little cheaper but I guess there is no way to consider processing Cost.

Somewhat forward leaning to ride normally I'm a little bad posture or power will go into my elbow.
As a result, the arm will inevitably get tired when traveling a long distance.
I thought that if I raised the Handlebar a little, I thought that the power of my arms would be easier and I was looking for an Adapter for that.
Handlebar exchange is also good, but it is Large strange to do it yourself.
It is hard to understand in the photograph, but the appearance has never been too large.
It's just easy to install and anyone could do it. I think that this point is quite Large..
The ride comfort has also changed considerably. As for the town ride also the force does not enter the elbow and the fatigue of the arm itself drastically decreased.
However, as the attitude of Riding changes again, the feeling of steering becomes worse. It was a blind spot.
This will be outstanding when you ride at high speed.
Town ride is the best, but fast - NORMAL is easier to drive in the pass. Again Motorcycle realized that Standard has a high average point.
However, this is a good point to be able to take off when you do not need it when you need it so I will wear it for a while and run.
The feeling may change if you get used to it.

Oil Oil Filler Cap was looking for Oil Filler Cap that had both looks and functionality, because OEMOil Filler Cap was barely able to rotate by hand during each Oil exchange.

This time, I chose the astringent Gun meta color, but it is quite nice to have matched on the car body. It seems that processing precision is high even for Cap, the screw part enters into Smooth, and it does not feel like getting caught etc.. Because it is the same HEX 17 mm Size as Oil drain bolt, the tool is also one type and has convenience, and it is handy.

To say that it corresponds to 220 mm disc, Caliper slightly interferes with Floating pin depending on disc.
(Us, SHIFT UPSHIFT UP made EURO MOTARD Wave Disk Rotor 220 mm is used).
Also, if it is replaced with Thailand OEMAluminum Wheel, it interferes with the Wheel spoke part unexpectedly.

Spec. Large machining is required for vehicles of the vehicle, please be careful when purchasing.