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We are wearing elf's EL-7226 mesh blouson. There seems to be a hang in how to put it in. If you do not fold it or Small you have to do it. Put it in the Pocket and expand it just right.. Since I have not experienced accidents and falls yet, Protection effect is not evaluated.
In addition, although it was wearing to Mesh jacket, there was no thing that the running wind did not come into the chest, I could feel cool thoroughly.

It became season of change of clothes. Jacket also replaced it for winter months, Jacket with Chest Pat enters, I was looking for a sturdy and strong Pad that came to me. Specify Size etc. without specifying Spec. Manufacturer had written, but as a result of proper purchase, A. C. E. Cafe's Jacket fits exactly. I felt that I was protecting my chest securely and I felt the whole Jacket tightly wrapped. When something is done with this, it can not be said that it is perfect, but what percent is safe.

What belonged to Jacket on hand was a thing of Waffle type.

Somehow I was concerned about Protect performance, so I exchanged it with this Protector.

Because it is a hardened thing, a sense of security is different.

I bought it for exchange from Protector of Waffle type which Jacket had been standard equipment.

In recent years, the heavy Large of chest injuries in accidents began to be cried out and I began to purchase Jacket that can be equipped with Chest Protector, but I decided to replace it so that I feel more secure.

Again, the sense of security is different than Waffle type.

Right : alpinestars ProductNo : 670208
The image tells everything.
(There are several millimeters difference, but you can enter without difficulty. )

I think this was a dedicated Pad of Nylon jacket series of a little older. (Elf, simpson, Bates, Others? Variously)

This item is just Urethane sponge. It is light..
AlpineStar is HardPad.
(In terms of quality, it is the same thing as isomorphs of KOMINE. )

Well, I think that there is a way to choose each person.
Which to choose, for your reference.

Elf It is used in Fake-leather-blouson EL-2245. It is satisfied with that as used in the field of [ the
Jacket side carries, and / are and / why / although it becomes empty, unless it makes it not fold up at least in a half, does not enter, and ] now, or the w
Pad itself which were regarded as ?!.