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this is a tappet adjuster wrench that is very charming and looks very simple and certainly easy to use. this is great. if we indonesians say it is very "MANTUL"

Great little instrument bulbs. Bought these for my old school Suzuki instrument cluster. There are about 10 bulbs in the cluster that I had to replace so this package was perfect.

I ordered Plating License Plate Bracket that used for HONDA CB350 F 72-74 because i like it very much, I am very pleased that it looks sturdy and strong

I was troubled by things with 7 mm inside diameter, but I found this item, purchased. The product is very small and it does not bother the place and the Hose Band is solid.

It is combined with PMCEasy Clutch Kit
The item to compare is Unicorn's Clutch
Lightness same etc. Level is available and price is cheaper than half price
But it is certain that the difference between the price of Unicorn's items and the feeling of handy comes out!
Unicorn's Clutch has almost no up and down play shake with grip and release
BRC's Clutch has some play and its side is from the beginning
If you use BRC you may have felt 100 points perfect

Mr. BRC is definitely above Cost performance
This time Unicorn's Lever did not have Silver, so I tried to purchase it
It is no mistake to say that good products are comprehensively good
I do not have such a high price, so I would like to teach around Wire-type Clutch as well
The installed Motorcycle is Z1 but those who do not want to be hydraulic at that time at that time Still in other Motorcycle Weight of that Clutch I am giving up I am giving up I am giving up Firstly I will change the touring comfort!

By the way, it became the lightness that can be grasped with one Z1 finger!

The title of the product page says BRC bulbs but the bulbs are made by Stanley and correspond to the Honda OEM Part No. 34902-259-000 At 100 JPY per bulb these are good value for money and cheaper compared to buying them from Honda. The bulbs are fairly good quality and the correct wattage for most 70s/80s Honda motorcycles. The box says it contains 10 bulbs but the listing is for 9 bulbs only.

Since the number of years of use of the OEM Product that was in use has passed, it was inspected, the discoloration of the Coupler - part (Burn) I found it and thought it was before Puncture purchase.

As Manufacturer says, second - hand goods and overseas cheap goods do not listen to rumors so we were looking for OEM Product, this same etc etc. I found and purchased a product.

Compared with OEM, as shown, Body shape, texture is the same, Harness tube color, Coupler also same Spec. So I was relieved. In terms of performance as well Idling, the voltage during running is stable as well.

If you think it's BRCOriginal "Takatsu ZS-10 ZII Mirror" Was sent. It is a little disappointing.. I would like you to write it as Takatsu made.