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* Good Toco A margin is given anywhere in a bank.
Even if it makes it bank considerably, it is seldom actually necessary to use about 1.5 mm of an end.
However it may run violently, rubber dregs seldom appear in a wonderful thing (is it strong with heat ?).
a pattern -- quick x -- bad Toco Or [ that modification of a tire is seldom felt but it is hard to feel a road information / ? ] Although not still betrayed, when going, I feel that it is likely to go suddenly.

It has worn to CRM.
It is problem nothing, if it is a flat path through a wood unsatisfactory to the hard attack of off although on and off can run,

By the enduro race from which road surface condition changes from a hard even to a soft sand, as for this tire, power was fully demonstrated.
Although people who monopolize a high order are not matched, they are goods [ recommend / you / we / the directions which have participated in order to enjoy themselves ].
An axel can be opened on almost all road surfaces that there is nothing uneasy, and even if it lets RIYA slide in a dynamic, fear is not felt at all.
A certain manufacturer's tire was uneasy in where it flies [ slide / continue / if it slides ], and was not able to open an axel easily.
However, please do not use it by any means by that (at the time of rainy weather) which is not gripped at all in the general road which is a competition to the last (clearly written also in the catalogue).

it used in the race the other day! a course is SURIPPI after a tick tick and a water spray -- although it was however, it did not slide but was able to run pleasantly with a moderate slide, so that it considered.
Moreover, I would like to purchase.

It is exchange from BT39.
The comparatively good grip of a long life is carried out.
The town riding strongest tire or ? cost performance is wonderful!!!

Grip force has a direction of TW302 here in DF200E, and effectiveness of a cornering and a brake is better for it than a use normal tire.
Moreover, although the front had ridden on djebel 250XC, TW302 here was better than the tire of normal too.
TW301 and combined use

RMX250S 96 were equipped.
Usage is path-through-a-wood touring.
When the beat was hard and it was hard to insert in, there is no wearing in particular and it was able to stick it ordinarily.
Unlike an appearance trail tire, a block is small, the gap of a block is large, and looks are also truly good at touch called an off-tire.
Although the comment to be used are still running only about 200 K, in a road, there is also no reason a strange peculiarity occurs and it can run them ordinarily.
Dirt is the highest! Although a corner standup may be sufficient at D6O3 and KETSU was flowing and sliding before, it is pleasant to slow it down firmly, since this is gripped firmly, and it moves forward rapidly and it also grips breaking.
I think that it will have 1000 K to the extent that durability did not fly the road, but was run, it ran as 200 K and Kad has deleted a few.
I do not carry out 20,000 yen in order, and think that it is a good tire.

Only this tire is known the 23-inch front tire of XL250S, and now.
The old cracked tire was exchanged.