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the best spark plug for me, performance wise...brisk aor12lgs is a silver tip plug for highly tuned or racing purpose machine, same as ar10zs of premium class, most comparable differences are in their designs and also the recommended interval change for lgs is 30000km compared to zs type 20000km. in this area they are less superior than iridium which can last for 60000km or more. but silver is 276% better in electricity and 177% more heating capacity than the iridium. also no tip gapping to worry about compared to other conventional spark plugs. just confirm the heat range of the spark plug as the yamaha nmax manufacturer's plug ngk is 8 heat range which is equivalent to 12 for the brisk. aor10lgs or ar10zs is colder plug. going for hotter or colder type might be bad for your engine if your tuning is not parallel in the direction. if you use this brisk premium type (for tuned/racing) in your standard engine maybe it alone can't do much without racing coil and cable, you may not feel any performance gain. but some dyno test by independent company proved that the plugs alone contributed 10 up to 15hp in a 450+bhp racing car if I'm not wrong (you can Google it for the testimony). as I'm very satisfied with this brisk spark plug I plan to continue using it in my tuned bikes. also the fuel consumption of my nmax is about 50.5km per liter cruising at 110kmh on expressway, tuned by apitech ecu. overall I'm happy with this brisk premium spark plug.

Used for vehicles equipped with Wolani Coil on SEROW 225 WE.
In terms of comparison with the Iridium plugs, I feel that it exceeds performance from Idling to high rotation.
For numerical rather than sensuous things Idling rotation got better just by changing from Windshield IRIDIUM.
However, startability is poor at cold time. Perhaps because it is an old car it will not reach the voltage required by the plug.
Engine does not complain if it starts.

It can also be recommended for vehicles that are strengthening electrical equipment, although there are also in the note.

Improvement of startability, improvement of Throttle response, and elongation from medium to high speed became very smooth. It is more expensive than other companies' products, but I think that it's worth using. I think engine sound and exhaust sound has changed since idling. Especially Big bore's Single, TWINEngine is easy to understand. Large I'm satisfied..

I used BOR 12 LGS of RISK so far, but I tried to change it to BR 14 ZC this time.
Torque is thick in LGS, but ZC is still going up to the low speed Torque further, the vibration of the Engine is also reduced to LGS or more.
Anyway, it turned into Smooth, Torque fully engine.
This is Recommendation.

I installed LGType S in High-compression 1200, Full tune's z, but this time, I want to try ZC Type and purchase. The punch which comes mainly mainly in the 3,500 revolutions comes more and the ZC is more fun in the common use area of ??town.. However, at setting of carburetor of LGS it will suffer when shed at 2500 - 3000.
Since we like the setting which is about to suffer, I think that there is also things called originally dense. Since there is no electrode and the insulator is exposed, I think whether ZC is easy to suffer.
So I can slightly open AS, but then the punch from around 3500 will be gone and the meaning changed to ZC will be lost. So I raised Needle one step further and solved it. I will get on for a while with this.

I tried replacing it from LGS. Idling is also stable soon, Torque coming from 3000 ~
It seems to be addictive. However, in the original dark eyes Carburetor setting as LGS, the Plug suffered in about 2500 town strolling runs in the streets. It is because there is no electrode and the insulator is exposed. The countermeasure is no longer worried if AS is slightly opened, but there is no sense of mattiness and the meaning of attaching zc is lost.
So I raised the Needle clip by one step.

i use brisk aor12lgs in my yamaha nmax 155cc with full racing coil, cable and racing plug cap. along with ferrox racing air filter and premium fuel they make a harmonic combination, my bike feels agile and light especially at stop and go situation. can't feel any week point throughout all rpm range. very satisfied purchase.

Can be installed and used without problems.
Effect,? Emblem is weakened. ? Beat of the Engine - Vibration lowers. ? There is little power of low rotation.
Afterwards installed RapidMotorcycleEasy also has the same effect (?except for) , But the change is dramatic in RapidMotorcycleEasy. (Because the price is high)