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Brock's telah menjadi produsen kelas dunia di bidang pengembangan inovasi dan performa knalpot. Knalpot performa tinggi Brock's dipakai oleh banyak tim balap di balapan drag race.

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The shop here is over 3000 yen and the shipping fee is free so I thought that even one in the tool box was good and tried purchasing with price adjustment. I do not use it yet, but it seems easy to use and I think that it is a commodity suitable for price.

Just bending the Plate of the Gap adjustment, the Plug side does not make a bite, and the Gauge also has a place different from the numerical value, it was Quality of 100 or less.

Manufacturer OEMBolt is inconvenient given the warehouse expenses and taxes on inventory, but it is quite expensive. So, although UniversalBolt comes into play, when using UniversalBolt, what's worrisome is Bolt's Pitch. Before suddenly pushing a different Bolt of Pitch and checking with this Pitch gauge before breaking the thread, you can not become such a Trouble. It's inexpensive and it's a small thing, so I think that there is no loss even if you have it.

The preservation status of Motorcycle is only for outdoor thick Seat.
The model is 2 st old car off-road.
Oil line, two-stranded Silencer coupling part
INmani (Rubber) I used it for.

Oil resistance - It has some heat resistance, it is strong and easy to construct.
I have been using it for a year and a half, but discoloration - Solidify - There is no Crack, naturally there is no leak.

As explained, there is also some heat resistance, it can be used without problems for the exhaust leak of the Silencer coupling part. You can use it with confidence except where you touch and burn.

Also, when I tried on the Rubber part, the part and Seal did not adhere, and I let it peel cleanly even one and a half years later.
Because there is a possibility of it depending on the material, I will not recommend it, but

I do not know because it does not try Gasoline resistance, Oil other than Engine oil.

It has stretchability, flexibility, considerable adhesion, and some irregularities can be Cover.
However, when it pulls too much eye to try to be in close contact, it is broken at a later date by load due to unevenness (Tear it) I got it.
About 80% is just right..

Adhesive surface is easy to garbage dust, but the surface is the same as ordinary Rubber.
Also, you can start over even if you fail.

Package is pretty rough, but it is charming as it is made in foreign countries.
I think that it is very practical and excellent product. It is quite Recommendation for easy repair.

I tried purchasing it this time but it is quite useful. I feel that the effect is good and I feel that the texture of quality is also good.
I do not mind how bad the package is, but it arrived with a pretty damn package. I think that those who care about that can be considered.

Wheel bearing etc. If inside inner Bearing inner diameter and Exactly Color are included there is a nail thickness and it can not be used to catch it. I hope a little more sharp nails - - -

The fixation of the Slide is also sweet, it is very hard to use in the graze unless Screw is tightened.

It seems possible to use it for Bearing inside Crank or Engine, but only limited items can be used, and universality is low.

Used in a new UCEEngine vehicle of Royal En Field.
EGOil's Drain was missing when he bought a second-hand car.
I used cheat dumas and used it, but leak leaked by the third Oil exchange.

<In consideration for measures>
There is no Oil pan in EG so there is no repair?
Again E-sert / I'd like to ask Recoril for Motorcycle shop, etc?.

Perhaps you treated it with Webike?
A ○ It was a high shipping cost to be taken by zon.

M14-1. Drain of 25 Pitch. 1. If you can use 5Pitch and it is in the product information of Webike, obey.
Please note that Instruction Manual etc. are not attached to the product at all.

<Report of actual work>
1) First, thread cutting operation (Without Gasket).
Stop Spanner and Glasses and use Socket's piece (Straight while hitting the top of the piece to the Engine) Screw into.
2) Due to different Pitch, there was a hardy response, and Wrench was necessary on the way.
To finalize it, do not overdo it.
3) Flow a small amount of Oil and discharge the facet / Did you leave?.
4) Move with Gasket. → Insert Oil.
5) 24 hours have elapsed, but 1 drop has not leaked.

In short: Tapping screw?
There seems to be some products that process E-sert by yourself, but they are afraid of failure. We are satisfied with Kore enough as us.

Fiber processing Gasket will change every time. There appears to be made by DAYTONA.

I wanted a Stud bolt puller of Inch size before but I found it with Webike that I sell it with Set stuff while I could not find it easily, so I purchased it immediately. (*^^*)

Together we also bought Exhaust stud bolt so we can respond to unexpected Stud bolt broken Trouble if we do not break even from the root. (^ ^ ゞ

Webike who comes out variously will really be saved. (*^^*)