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Wow, so happy to finally find the seat I've been looking for! Excellent quality and workmanship. Very pleased that it installs without any modification! This will fit perfectly with an AJS tank that I have for my SR500 project.

GB250 CLUBMAN ('89) Mounting on.

cool. It fits perfectly with GB 250 CLUBMAN.
Cafe-style I guess it's irresistible.

Installation is different from OEMSeat, two Bolt stops from SeatReverse side. I used the hole that was originally open on the Frame side, but it was necessary to widen that hole a little. Also, this Bolt is pretty short, almost through the holes in the Frame, only the Bolt tip comes out. By tightening with Nut, install it while pulling out. I dropped Nut many times.
You can turn on if you do it patiently.

"Sitting comfort"
It is somewhat hard..
Also, if you wear Rear Sets and sit on SeatRear, it will make it easier for you to step work.
Compatibility with OEM footpeg may not be that good.
To other people's review "Gut" When there was a sound, there was not mine. There may be individual differences.

OEM's Rear Fender - It interferes with Stop lamp.
Although it is not absolutely impossible to attach, it is necessary to lower the angle of Rear Fender, it looks bad, in the worst case, the Fender touches the rear wheel.
Interference is the reverse of the opposite, but there is a gap of about 3 cm between OEM's Tank.

Overall buying.
However, at the same time purchasing Rear Sets and exchanging Rear Fender or Fender Eliminator or Stop lamp - It is recommended that you relocate Blinker, and accompany it, such as making your own Bracket.
I relocated Blinker from Rear Fender to Frame, made my own Bracket of Stop lamp and License Plate, and made it as Fender Eliminator.
It is a troublesome Seat, but it is recommended for riding GB 250 CLUBMAN.

The new article of the Brooklands Semi-cowl was got. The Bolt of the
Normal headlight is removed and a Headlight is fixed with an attached Bolt. The Tap of the receptacle of the Bolt for Cowl attachment is cut on the head of this Bolt.
Does it think very much? Interference with the
Brake master cylinder, and the Reset Screw of a Trip meter and a Clutch lever was deleted, adjusted and attached with the File.
There is also no blur and stable, although it ran. I think that it has improved, although
fine adjustment is required.
I think as it is that the attachment by a Bolt on is difficult.

A dandruff is different only by changing CDI. The directions into which the
High cam is put are necessaries. Even if it is not putting in the
High cam, since a Rev limit is canceled, it turns to high rotation. It is

Since a last type Fender was not found, he reached a compromise and bought it.If attached to the
Single seat, a Balance is good, but if attached to another thin sheet, the swelling of the root is conspicuous and it is uncool.It is also conviction that
wearing picture is not found.

Isn't it easy to be a Japanese style rest room mold sheet wearing vehicle well?

I purchased to attach to the handle brace position of a Hardy MX handlebar. It had equipped with BBR parts exactly, and since the price was also cheap, this product was chosen. Although the quality itself is the same as a general bar pad, the corresponding diameter of a brace is a little thick. For reference, the bar pad was about 21 cm in the length, and the diameter of a correspondence brace was about 2.5 cm. Since it was loose in the standard handle brace for a Hardy MX bar, the sponge sheet was twisted around the brace, and it attached so that a gap might be filled. Although a little device is needed for attachment, it is satisfactory for the product itself and the logo of "BBR" is pleasing by good touch. Since product explanation was not quite satisfactory, I evaluate as four stars.

Thankyou for the single seat...It is just what I wanted and it will look great on my bike...Freight was very quick and I was not expecting item so quickly...Thankyou and will order again soon....Cliff

I think that it is whole quite good.
Although it is a single seat, if it is a child, even if it puts back, it is generous enough.
A design is also good and suits in a normal tank (especially 1 type 2 type GOOD) well.
It is regrettable that red piping becomes pure white with ultraviolet rays immediately.
Although attachment is trouble a little, I think that most things to remove cannot be found and it will be good one once it attaches.
There is almost no cushion.
Therefore, we cannot recommend you a long distance.
However, water does not permeate so that it may be strong to rain.